April And All Change.

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So it’s the beginning of April(ish) and what an end to March we’ve had.  Obviously the country is in lockdown as much as it can be. Hubby and BoyChild are home with me now (which I’m pleased about) and GirlChild is also at home at the moment, although her other half is still working which I wish he wasn’t but the factory is refusing to close.

So obviously no nights out or gigs for me.  So what’s a Daf to do with time on her hands? I’ve binge read Agatha Christies, watched more TV than is good for a person and also done some gardening.

Facetime is a wonderful thing at the moment, and just before I wasn’t allowed to go see them anymore I gave my folks an old iphone and showed them how to video call.  To begin with I got a lot of shots of just eyes or just ears, but they seem to have come to grips with it now very well.  Clear view of both of them and my dad has even learned how to flip it round to show me things.  Go octogenarians!!

I also borrowed a jigsaw from them, thinking it would be a good lockdown activity.  I have never done more than help one of my kids with a 12 piece jigsaw before in my life, and apparently chose a real bastard of a one to start off with.  I had only been doing it for about half an hour when I realised it was super difficult.  There was instant regret but my stubborn streak kicked in and I had to finish it.  It was complete aversion therapy and I will never ever do another one.


Just way too much black and white going on here.

I’ve also been doing a lot of baking. It was GirlChilds other half’s birthday a couple of weeks back so I made two cakes and they picked one up.  We keep doing dodgy swaps of things from metres apart.  We facetimed in the evening and sang happy birthday and saw him blow out his candles.  Was actually a nice way to do something together.  thumbnail_IMG_1651

Baking seems to be a bit of a theme for me.  Other offerings this last couple of weeks have been millionaire shortbread, which was delish and


I also made biscuits.  They were really easy and yummy so definitely one I’ll make again.


We are all gonna end up the size of houses.

Sadly GirlChild’s soon to be mother-in-law passed away just over a week ago.  The funeral was very strange because only ten of us were allowed to go, and we all had to stay well away from each other so it was very difficult to talk or be comforting.

We followed the coffin in to this song, which came as something of a surprise to me, but I found out later that she had thought because of the video it would be a funny one to have played at her funeral.  I think she was right.

Anyway that’s it from me today.  Hope everyone is keeping safe and keep washing those hands!

March, Dinner and a Show

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So March is upon us and I’m just starting to feel the urge to get into the garden and do some tidying and planting.  In my wisdom I’ve bought a blueberry bush to plant.  So I’m hoping in the next couple of years I’ll grow a lovely dodgy crop that I ignore and still buy them from the shop.  That’s how my forays into growing anything edible usually go.

So anyway the other week I went to see Madame Butterfly which was interesting.  I went with a fairly open mind, but part of me thought I was gonna get bored because it was so long and I wouldn’t really know what they were singing about.

The evening began with dinner and wine. I was all dressed for the theatre in a posh frock and high heels, and then once Id had a second glass of wine decided shoes weren’t for me that evening so ended up in a posh frock and trainers.  I’m a classy bird.

Then there were pre-show glasses of wine.

I’ve always thought opera was perhaps a little high brow for me.  Imagine my delight when thanks to the marvels of modern technology it had subtitles.  It turns out what they’re singing about is incredibly normal stuff.  In the first scene,  the main guy was singing about how much he liked the house he’d rented.

The intermission came and there was more wine, which we didn’t have time to finish so we took our glasses in with us for the second half.

I ended up having a whale of a time and finding it probably funnier than it was meant to be.  Plus considering it was so long it just flew.  Also, it turns out that opera audiences are a bit agro.  A couple behind me had a bit of a tiff because her phone kept beeping with notifications and her other half was getting quite annoyed about it.  Further along, behind my friend,  another gentleman had a small argument because the people around him were being too noisy apparently.  I, however, was in a wine happy haze and had a great time.

10/10 would definitely do it again.

madam butterfly

So on Saturday, I went for lunch with the girls.  I was humming and hawing about driving, and at the last minute booked a taxi.  I text my friend that I was picking up and said ‘Booked a taxi because wine’. She text back ‘Ok. Because wine’ and a smiley face.  This is why I love my friends.  They just get me.

We ended up at a place called Fabios which had a cheap as chips lunchtime menu.  I was actually very impressed though cos they didn’t cut any corners and it was all lovely.  My little blonde mate turned up a wee bit late because she’d forgotten which restaurant we were going to and got there in plenty of time to wait at the wrong restaurant.

Finally, in other news, I’ve taken up yoga.  I’ve been doing it since January and have decided I love it a lot.  I’m not particularly bendy yet, but I have decided it’s making me feel very zen.  Who knew? I keep telling people I’m an ocean of calm because I like how much it annoys them.

Right, I think that’s it for me for today.  I shall leave you with this 80s classic which is why I decided to go see the opera in the first place.

OMG so 80s!

February and the Year of the Rat.

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So happy year of the rat folks.  I celebrated Chinese new year with Chinese food and a music quiz cos why not.

I’m not a rat I’m a monkey apparently.  No surprise there. If you are a rat though apparently, these are your traits: Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

Year of Rat

In other news,  boy child and I went to see Bombay Bicycle Club in Newcastle the other night.  They were awesome and were supported by The Big Moon who were really rather good.

I feel like I’m easing into the decade at the moment trying it on for size.  So far it fits ok but it’s a bit roomy round the butt.

Got workmen in tomorrow cos boychild’s bedroom needs plastering.  Not looking forward to that at all because my dog hates and loathes workmen and will definitely try and eat them.  It’s gonna be a feral day and that’ll just be me.

Anyway, I’m keeping it short and sweet today cos I have other fish to fry, so I’m gonna leave with this new Hayley Williams song.  If Tool and Kate Bush birthed a baby song I think it would sound like this.

Happy New Year

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So a slightly belated Happy New Year to all in blog land. I only realized very last minute we’re back in the roaring 20s! The fact it was a new decade kinda passed me by until very late in December.


So Christmas was very nice, and being a December birthday it meant I could have a wander around the Christmas market in Newcastle,  followed by tapas and sangria and then onto the open-air bar for a hot chocolate with Baileys in it.  Calling it hot chocolate was a tad optimistic cos it was almost cold.  Still, it was a very nice way to spend my evening.


Then there was the obligatory making of all the Christmas cakes.

cakes edited

I was very pleased with the way they came out.  I think this is the fourth year I’ve made them and from them sticking to the pans and falling to bits the first year, this year they were shapely and came out of the pan in one piece which was nice.  I’ve hidden a multitude of sins over the years with marzipan and icing.

I think one of my fave parts of Christmas was a breakthrough I had with girl child’s dog. She’s a rescue and spent the first four years of her life wandering the streets of Ireland being abused.  She’s had broken ribs and God knows what else and is very nervous, but not aggressive or anything.

So I’d met her a couple of times and kinda made friends but she was still a bit nervous,  but on Christmas day I gave her her first taste of turkey, which was apparently the way to her heart because after she rolled on her back and asked me to rub her tummy.


Ain’t she a little cutey?

The only hiccup we had on Christmas day was that our brandy to light the pud on fire was so cheap it just didn’t work.  Last time I expect anything from brandy that comes in a plastic bottle!

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone an awesome new year and a fabulous 2020.

Spookas n stuff

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Happy belated Halloween the Internet (which is what I am now going to refer to the odd random person that reads my blog).  This year I decided I was gonna do Pennywise for my pumpkin and I was rather pleased with how he came out.

Didn’t get a single small dressed up child knocking on the door this year which is a tad disappointing but does mean I have an enormous collection of lollies and swizzles to eat myself.

In other news over the last week or so have been traversing the country.  Went to London with boychild to see a k-pop band called Dreamcatcher. They were most excellent.

The following day we did the full tourist wander and my legs just about fell off, but it was fun although Oxford Street Burger King is a filthy pit.  1/10 wouldn’t recommend.


Then a few days later headed down to Manchester with my folks to see my sister.  We got the train and on the way back we had wine which was very nice.  The time just flew although at this point I think my mam was utterly knackered.

We went to a rather nice bar called Grand Pacific and then on to a restaurant called Brown’s.  At one point my mam, sister and I nipped to the loo and the waitress told us to have a safe journey because she thought we were leaving.  I said ‘are they far and is the way treacherous?’ cos I think I’m funny.

I would definitely go back to both those places cos they were lovely and the food was vuree nice.


Anyway,  I think that’s enough for another random pop up blog.

Oh and Creepypasta.com published one of my older stories for Halloween which I thought was pretty cool.

Stories For My Daughter



Busy Bee

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So it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks.  Been packing stuff into my year of fifty. Maybe packing in a bit much cos I went to Leeds to see Mark Knopfler and it was all seated and warm and I actually fell asleep at one point.  Woke up cos everyone was clapping and just joined in.

I think I get an award for worst photo at a gig for this one.  He’s just a faceless blob.


So anyway the Tuesday after that it was all change and got a train down to Manchester to see BlackPink with my son.  He’s a big fan of Kpop and we were both very excited.  I hadn’t been on a train in a very long time and I flippin loved it.  So quick and relaxing.  I think I’m gonna have to have more train rides this year.  The hotel we stayed in was really nice too although the rooms were a bit small.  I had a fab view of Manchester Cathedral from my window.


We had a nice meal and then headed to the arena which was only a couple of minutes walk away.

In my time I’ve been to a lot of gigs, but the audience was utterly mental.  They were screaming their heads off at the videos playing before the band even came on, and when BlackPink appeared in the flesh they lost their shit altogether.

Having said that they were pretty bloody awesome. This cover of Clarity by Zedd was sooooo good.

When we were leaving the next day, we happened to be at Manchester Victoria Station when they held a minutes silence for the victims of the bombing two years earlier.  It was very sad and moving.  There were hearts strung everywhere you turned for you to take home.  The idea being that you wore them and spread a little happiness.  I have big love for Manchester.


So then the following weekend it was time for the This is Tomorrow Festival.  My highlights being Editors and The Vaccines, who have been on my must see list for a while.  Mind you the next day I’d been on my feet so long and danced so much I could barely walk.


Spent the end of this week painting so I’m having a weekend off.  Currently sitting with paint in my hair and ratty nails so I’ll bugger off and get my act together.  😉


What goes on in Manchester Stays in Manchester (unless you blog it)

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End of last week I went out for afternoon tea with my folks.  We went to Lumley Castle which is a hop skip and a jump down the road from me.  This was a belated birthday pressie to me.  Basically, when they asked me what I wanted for my birthday I thought a nice afternoon out,  which I knew they’d enjoy too,  would be cool.  The more birthdays you have the harder it is to think of stuff you need.  These days I’d take an experience of some kind over a thing any day.  So anyway we went and had a lovely time.  I drove them there and back.  It was only as we were getting in the car to come home my mam admitted she was having trouble with her seatbelt.  On the way there apparently she’d managed to clip herself in with the dog’s seatbelt.  It’s basically a very short lead that clips into the seatbelt fastener and then the other end has a lobster claw type fastener that goes onto his harness.  How she did this I have no idea, but she said at one point she had it around her neck.  So pretty much the exact opposite of safe.  Gotta love her though and it made me snigger.


So then on Saturday went down to Manchester arena to see Panic! at the disco.  To save time at the bar, we were having pints of vodka and coke which seemed like an awfully good idea at the time.

This lead to the gig being literally one of my all time faves ever. To be fair even without the booze it would have been outstanding, but I’m not sure that I’d have been moved to tears if there wasn’t vodka involved.  When Brendon did Girls/Girls/Boys and the whole arena was a rainbow of lights the whole wonderfulness of it (and the vodka) made me blub and I just kept sniffing “it’s so lovely”.  Yeah… probably need to get a grip.

Oh, and at one point Brendon’s piano was hoisted up over the arena which was pretty amazing too.

So I’ll leave you with a live clip (which I stole off youtube and didn’t take myself).  I still think Brendon Urie has one of the best live voices I’ve seen.