Dusting off the blog.

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So it’s been an age since I wrote anything here.  The poor place is looking sadly neglected and I think there’s a spider’s nest in the corner.  Or it could be snakes,  who really knows the difference.

Last time I was here I posted a photo of my fabulous little puppy.  Well, he’s now a fully grown fella and an absolute handful.  If there could be a dog more polar opposite to my previous little girl, he’s it.  He goes from snuggly to manic in a heartbeat, hates everyone but his closest people to the point he goes utterly feral, and ate half my carpet.

On a good day he looks like this,


And the rest of the time he looks like this


Love the crazy little mutt like mad though.

In other news I’m still writing the horror although not as much as I would like.  Time really does seem to run away from me these days.  My latest offering was this one.


The Scent of Death.

Although I have written a couple of other stories for anthology books (if the publisher ever gets round to publishing them).  It all seems like such a slow process to me.

I had real trouble putting that link there.  When I got back here, admittedly it’s been a while but everything seems to have changed yet again.  All my fabulously dated gifs were gone and I had to rack my brains and sign into photobucket (yep it still exists) to trawl for a couple to replace them.

Anyway,  I would say I’m gonna attempt to be here a bit more but no one would believe me (including me).

Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave with a song, so this is my current listen to death song.  Hope everyone out in the ether is doing well.

Hugs Daf




Downs and ups.

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So I’ve been meaning to do an update here for over a week but life kinda got in the way.  Recently my very old dog had a stroke, and sadly we had to have her put to sleep.  Anyone who’s been here a while will know how much I doted on her and to say I was devastated is putting it mildly.

I very quickly realised that living in a house without a dog is not for me, and last Tuesday we went and picked up this little bundle of fluff.


He’s currently just under ten weeks old and goes by the rather grandiose name of Harvey Graham Tiberius (because I think it’s funny).

Later today he’s going for his first vaccinations and his microchip, so I’m feeling like a total meany. Not because of the vaccinations but the microchip is a pretty nasty injection.  All for the best though.

He’s so cute I’m getting very little done because I have to stop every five minutes for puppy cuddles.  He’s so cute I just can’t eeeeeven 😉93f971663244633ac6918c6572912ad3

So in other news I recently took part in a writers challenge type thing.  The challenge was to write fantasy. Fantasy is definitely not my thing and I was scratching my head wondering what the hell I was gonna write about when I noticed in the rules I was allowed to write comedy.

This is what I came up with. It may not be the greatest thing ever, but I laughed so much writing it.

Plop’s Great Adventure.




Youtube n stuff.

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So I’ve come to the end of my festival season.  Last couple of open air things was Ocean Colour Scene at Times Square in Newcastle and Chase Park Festival.

Got to the Times Square one a bit late, and I have literally never seen so many mingingly drunk people in one place.  The ground was a sea of booze and girls in heels way too high for that kind of thing were falling all over the place.

Ocean Colour Scene however were fantastic. Mind you as we left it was like a broken sunglasses graveyard.  A moment of silence for all the lenses lost that day …..

Then the weekend after that went to Chase Park Festival.  The sun shone and the wine flowed.  Saw Stornoway for the millionth time (but still crazy love them) and also Reverend and the Makers for the first time.  Totally great afternoon.  Afterwards played in the park on the zipline and then went and had an awesome Chinese.  It was a fab way to end festival season.  So now I’m packing away my flowery headband til next year.  Roll on gig season.

Met these guys a few times after gigs and stuff and they’re always so lovely but never cease to amaze me with how great they are live!

So in other news I’ve been expanding my writing.  Wrote a zombie story for a sort of writers challenge someone set us, and that did ok and also wrote a story for a site called ShortScaryStories.  The challenge with that one is that it had to be under 500 words.  It’s a smaller site than nosleep but it seemed to go down really rather well.

Link to original:  https://www.reddit.com/r/shortscarystories/comments/4wpsfp/a_friendly_reminder/

A guy off You Tube asked me if he could narrate it for his channel, although narrate probably isn’t the right word.  He kinda illustrates things.  I really liked what he did with it and to be honest I love the rest of his channel so he’s totally worth checking out.

Had a really great couple of weeks.  I always love the summer holidays because there are a lot more of my friends around (just  cos they’re taking holidays or having time off because they  work in schools).  Had a bit of excitement the other day because someone was attacked outside the pub we were having lunch in.  My car was part of a crime scene for a couple of hours so we just had to stay there.  The hardship.  Eventually the coppers decided my car hadn’t been involved and let it go.

I think that’s enough of a ramble for now so catch you on the flip side (of what I have no idea).

Festivals and Films.

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So festival season is in full swing.  Recently went to the Platform Festival at Pocklington.  The absolute highlight had to be Seafret who were amazing! IMG_0818


Headlining was Badly Drawn Boy,  who frankly got way too political for me between songs so we wandered outside for burgers.


At this point there was a bunch of people trying to take down a gazebo that had been the stage for smaller local bands,  they were all getting stuck in the middle of it and I just sat and watched,  slightly drunk on wine,  and laughed my ass off.

So in other news I’ve been contacted by a Romanian film producer about making one of my short stories into a 15 minute film.  His idea is to show it round film festivals with a view to getting it made into a feature length.  While the prospect is very exciting,  I’m not getting my hopes up too much at the moment.  He reckons he’s gonna contact me in a couple of months with a script.  I’d love to see what one of my horrors looks like as a film!

Wet Wet Wet.

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So first things first,  for any women readers out there heed my advice.  Ya know what’s a really bad idea? Buying cheap eyeliner from China.  Be buggered I thought my eyes were gonna fall out.

ate pizza

Moving along, I spent Sunday in rainy Yorkshire.  Went to Dalby Forest to see the Kaiser Chiefs.  Arrived there at about half six at which point the heavens opened.  It was horrible.  I ended up sitting in a blanket which turned into a puddle,  the box of wine we had brought with us disintegrated and more puddles gathered on my massively attractive plastic see through poncho thingy.  I have never been so wet.  By the time we left my fingers were more pruned than if I’d sat in a bath for two hours. The first support band was called Vitamin and wasn’t bad actually.  The second I can’t remember and by the time the Kaiser Chiefs came on I was so fed up two songs in, having decided the lead singer was doing a piss poor job and didn’t look like himself (not that I was drunk and grumpy at all), we decided to leave.

Kaiser Chiefs Dalby Forest

Anyway posted a story earlier so sitting waiting with baited breath to see how it does and about to hit the vodka and red wicked.

Good times.

you can dance



Unfortunate Meals, Bazza Manilow and making it Weird.

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Sunday night I went to see Bazza Manilow.  Not my usual kind of gig I grant you but sometimes you just have to embrace the cheese and spank your inner Copacabana.  It was awesome! However, there was this little spiky haired man next to me, and two songs in he thought it was time to put his arm round my shoulder and do a group sway. Now being a bit of a veteran gig goer this is nothing new,  but timing is everything and two songs in is just too soon.  He spent the rest of the gig giving me awkward side ways glances.  Way to make things weird little man!

Something else that has occurred to me lately is the lack of round plates in restaurants.  Is there a shortage  I’m not aware of? I went out for a meal the other day. My meal came on a long thin rectangular thing that looked like it would have been more at home on a windowsill with plant pots on it.  There was also a small metal bucket on it that had chips in.  My friend’s meal came on a chopping board and was also accompanied by the small bucket of chips.  Our starters came on ceramic versions of the bed pans they use in hospitals.  What bothers me most about this is, if the restaurant you are in serves you your food in this manner,  you can immediately expect to pay 25% more than you would at a restaurant that had the foresight to stock up on round plates before the round plate crash of 2014. I guess maybe they need the extra cash to save up for normal plates.

The really unfortunate incident happened on Monday.  Now me, I like a bit of vinegar, and I guess this was my own fault, because foolishly I trusted the little jug of vinegar on the table with the tiny stopper.  It lulled me into a false sense of security and without a thought for how stupendously stupid people can be I tipped some on my lunch. I was immediately smacked round the nose by a vile stench, because someone had decided to put milk in it.  At least I hope it was milk but who knows really.  I just don’t understand that thought process.  ‘Would you look at that I have too much milk for my tea.  What shall I do with it? I mean I could just leave it in it’s tiny milk jug and let the waiter take it away when they clear the table.  But no that seems too simple.  Maybe it’s a trap.  Maybe the waiter will be cross.  Maybe I’ll end up paying the square plate tax.  I know what I’ll do.  I’ll hide it in this jug of vinegar…. There we go, job done and relax.’  Fortunately the restaurant was very understanding and replaced my meal.

Gonna leave you with this.  I laughed sooo hard.

language barrier





Good Lord!

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I’ve just realised my blog is over eleven years old.  I’m a bit stunned by that. It only seems like two minutes ago I typed up the first one which has long since been deleted, but I do remember saying I thought Ipods were a great idea because they were a great way to ignore people. It would seem I’m still on the anti social side.

I have a new neighbour and she seems… well I’m not sure,  slightly aggressive spring to mind.  Every time I go out to do anything she’s there hanging over the fence with her rolly fag wanting a chat,  and I seem to get nothing done. Obviously I don’t know her,  and although I’m down with getting to know her, at the moment there are some pretty awkward silences.  Where most people would make an excuse to go off and do something she just stares at me. I have been advised to wiggle my eyebrows, flash her a grin  and then just keep staring.  

Important news flash: I have just been informed that the stuff in the middle of KitKats is just defective KitKats mushed up.  I think that’s a genius business plan. 

I’m actually here procrastinating because I’m putting off editing a short story.  Wrote it over the last couple of days and it’s looooong (like 5000 words long) I dunno what I was thinking. 


So tomorrow I’ll be seeing my folks. I’m a tad concerned they’re slowly cooking themselves. My dads latest money saving venture was scraping the inside of his microwave because it was rusty and giving it a lick of paint.  I’m not sure you’re meant to do that.  

So I’m gonna leave you with a picture I’ve recently drawn for a friend of mine.  She was asking for art work to go with her stories, and while I’m no van Gogh I do enjoy a bit of a doodle. The story (which was obviously gonna be a horror story cos we’re all about the horror) finishes with skeletons chained under a lake reaching for the sun.  It just caught my imagination.

Art for EZ