52 Responses to “Just……….”

  1. It won\’t be the same around here when you\’re gone. It\’ll be like a big empty hall when the party\’s finished. I for one will miss your funny rambley blogs, you\’re sciencey blogs and your rants. Won\’t ever forget you were my first blog friend and you\’ll always be my best friend!!!
    Luckily I won\’t have to miss you altogether! It always makes me wobbley lipped when people leave. I\’ll miss you loads and loads and loads!!!! You\’re the best damn blogger I ever knew!!!!! How bout one last comment from my bestest blog bud?
    Luv and Hugs!!!!

    WTF!!!!!! What? No warning or nothing??? Well you\’ve definitely succeeded on the shock front there chuck…….
    Hugs   BB x

  3. Is this Sunday hours ?

  4. Hey,
    I cant view the clip thingy.
    This better not be a goodbye Im leaving blog land.
    You cant, just cant leave. 😦
    Seriously, rethink this plan if this is the case. 🙂

    Okies sweetie, Hope I do catch ya soon and enjoy the adventure wherever it takes you.
    Stay safe    BB x

    Well that\’s just blummin\’ pants that is….
    pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, 
    pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, 
    pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, 
    paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, 
    Blummin, rotten pants….
    I can\’t believe \’Curse Of The Golden Flower\’ was overlooked for the Oscar for Costume Design last night… Marie Antoinette… PAH!!!… the dresses were right out of fashion… she\’d have been laughed out of court if she actually wore some of the stuff she had on…
    AND another thing….
    Oh!!!…. you\’ve gone…
    ***Missing you already Monday Hugs****…. I\’ll just leave them on the side  **sob**
    DB x

  7. Well thats just flippin charming that is!! Its alllllllllll about you isn\’t it?! Well what about ME?? What about MY NEEDS!!!! Who am I going to call a gimp-faced twatknob now? What am I going to do in the day when I\’m bored and want to pop in to help you shave your feet or pick you up when you\’ve fallen off your tricycle??! Huh???? Tell me THAT!!!!Anyway I suppose I\’d better say something nice as it is traditional at such moments. So, thanks babe for all the excellent bloggy behaviour. And thanks too for all the hilarious times over the last year and a half since we first became friends. Lucky I saved all those comments so we can revisit the nonsense when you are old and wrinkled and smell of pee, and I\’m still handsome in a Sean Connery type of way.So hats of to you darling. Can I still call you Daf or do I have to use your real name Jackie? Right gotta dash, catch you on msgr soon darlin. *rips pants off and jggles naked for the camera*hxx

  8. I can\’t get that song out of my head now.. not the one you have on here I don\’t think cos I can\’t hear it! The other one.. opera style one.. Time tooooo say goooodbye! lol

  9. ughhhhhhhhh….my stomach hurts now…im like heartbroken and sad….
    what if i told you you cant leave cause i have a serious health condition?
    i have….uuuuh….i have "funnyladyitis"…a serious dependency on you and your wit and humor…..
    so there…im laying a total guilt trip on ya…..
    awwwww….illl miss my funny lady….stay safe and i would say have fun….but i think thats a given….scrw it ill say it anyway….
    have fun!!!!!

  10. the King has prevailed over the the little daffyduck

  11. was it something i said lol..  we all need a break sooner or later..  hope you come back soon..  its like a ghost town here already..we cant afford to lose you…  your drunken ramblings are the benchmark i use to prove im nearly normal…  take care poppet..  bye

  12. Unknown Says:

    was it sumthin i said????   take care babe

  13. I can\’t see the vid either. Can someone tell me what was said? Daf, you were my blogging example and icon… I don\’t know where to turn 😦 You will be missed…


  15. DragonBoy Says:

    ***rushes into site***   WUH!!!….. FZZZLE???  SHFFT… BLUBBLE… BUT!!!…. WHO!!!…. YOU.!!! HERE!!!!…. GONE…
    BACK????!!!….. FLUBBLE… WHA???…
    Does not compute….. redo from start…. read error b…. do not pass go…. do not collect £200… shake a 6 to start… screw cap til clicks… keep out of reach of children… avoid contact with eyes… tear along dotted line… store in a cool, dry place…..
    DON\’T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!……… and get your popemobile that\’s had to be specially converted to get your grossly-oversized gaudy-looking throne in, OFF MY LAWN…. I don\’t care who you are!!!!!!

  16. Sob!

  17. Slapper Says:

    Have a most Happy Easter HRH
    Bob xxxx

  18. hehe he he he….
    Cute !!!
    Hope yer OK kidda
    Have a lovely Easter won\’t ya Saus

  19. Up to killing kittens now. I see you\’ve moved up in the world. Whats next, the easter bunny?
    Have a good one, LK;-)
    Happy Easter

  20. Good to see you kidda….
    Hope all\’s well ?
    I\’m just abouts getting over the "Fatal Attraction" thing or was it "Misery" ???
    he he he
    I was crippled before so, I just need the match, the ciggie and a typewriter.
    YC Saus – Keep smiling

  21. Slapper Says:

    Half an hour? Fangy reported duckacious residues in the stats page several hours ago – oh, I understand – you mean half a duckacious hour!!
    Nice to see you
    Bob xxxx

  22. *Advert*
    Sing along at the UK Mad and Bad Society
    (Take the PIss out of George Bush night!!)

  23. Hiya HRH Daf,Loving the name … pmsl..Aw Fanks for getting back to me.. I DEFINITELY understand what you mean about your heart not being into blogging. I feel precisely the same..I\’d also got to the stage where I realised that I\’d spent 3 years sitting at my comp = not good.. & if I carry on like this I won\’t be able to walk … so it\’s a new regime of walking and bicycling..In a couple of weeks I\’ll be 56 (ooooo that hurts) so it\’s important that I remain fit and able… The "able" is questionable but then it always has been…The carnival was the Notting Hill carnival … which this year was deemed a success as nobody was shot or stabbed …. eeek…Lots of Love Sarah XXXX

  24. Hiya Daf,I\’m sh*tting myself being that age … and what makes it worse is I\’ve never told anyone on here as i hate the idea of being pigeon holed… see .. if everyone had known my age I would\’ve had a completely different reaction…It\’s not so much that I mind ( not that true as getting old is really odd ), but I do need some advice… in so far as I\’m not sure whether it is a good idea to tell ppl … ???I\’m hoping I live another 4 years .. then I\’ll be able to get a bus pass … and travel all round London on a bus .. no doubt wetting myself on the way … HELLLLP pmsl … see what I mean .. I must stop writing "pmsl" when in reality I\’m terrified it may happen … I can still roflllll \’tho !.XXXX

    SO, back to world domination then……with a blueberry and voddy alkypop in hand…….I LIKE your style Your Majesty, but then I always did ;o) Well don\’t feel under any pressure to blog but do rest assured that your loyal Overlords are ready and waiting at your command Oh Great One.
    Hmmmmm, and while I\’m here dya reckon the next time you decide to vault through time and space you could refrain from landing on my space hopper? i know it\’s a bit cheeky but I parked it over here so that it would be safe!!!! Well it was……..until your bloody tower landed on it!! Honestly, if a telephone box is good enough for Dr Who don\’t ya reckon you could manage with something a little smaller………like a portaloo or something???
    Hugs   Tootsie  xx

  26. SH*T!!!! All over the carpet, so I\’ll see your eeeeuuuuuuuwwww!! and raise you a Yuuuuuuuuuuck yuck yuckity yuck YUCK!!!!!!
    Honestly were you NEVER taught to take off your shoes at the door? Now not only have I got to tidy my house in readiness for one of Sparky\’s mates…..who\’s considerately decided to come and stay for the week leading up to the party!!!……..but I\’ve got to find something that will kill this AWFUL smell!! It probably wouldn\’t be so bad if they didn\’t serve Newcastle Brown at that Indian……I mean……..no………..I\’m gonna stop there cuz this is gonna get altogether out of control……….
    I\’ve Febreze\’d Tiddlers helmet today (I should definitely rephrase that!!!) and it seems to have worked ok. I wonder if it\’ll work on my bloggy carpet. Oh well……… looks like that obsession I have for laundry pegs is gonna pay off…… thad\’s the last tibe dat Sparky is gonna criticise me for buying theb ;oD
    Perhaps the next time you drop in you could do so on something useful……..like a VAX!!! ;o)
    Hugs   Tootsie   xx

  27. I don\’t know where you\’re hiding chick but I hope all\’s well for ya!
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx

  28. I sat and listened to ur song for a bit. Its nice 🙂
    How\’s ur cold now? Better I hope. Girly Sunday didnt really turn out as planned as we had a naughty teen join us! I had to be authorative and act like a grown up! 😦
    Hope ur ok. ((HUGS))
    S xxx

  29. Hiya your Maj fullness Daffy,I\’m sorry I haven\’t been in touch , I have an arthritic flare up which basically means ouch and chippolato ? sausage hands… I\’m blaming the government myself .. not really Daf I\’m not that looney..Have a GREAT weekend,Lots of love Sarah XXXX

  30. How long has the comment box been operational in this blog, vision of duckacious beauty (embarrassed grin!). Have I been sending messages for ages for nought?Sowwy that I didn\’t reply sooner, I\’ve just been havin\’ a weeks torpor, couldn\’t really bring myself to blog-fed up wiv commenting to folk who ae too slack to be bothered commenting back, I reckon. "Housing Pendle"contacted me, and said that my critters might be a health hazard, could they come and see me? I said that my critters weren\’t a health hazard, and even if they were, any health hazard incurred in keeping them was a drop of piss in the bucket for someone whos\’ heart has stopped 17 times this year. They appear to be thinking about that, they\’ve gone quiet anyway. I\’ve been thru this before. I must say that cleaning up after \’em absolutely wrecks me, but I do it. If they were a health hazard I wouldnt have \’em. Nevertheless, HPs assault provoked some thought on my part, and Big Patch and Ikkle Fleecy found their hutch being lined with linoleum tiles on Saturday to make it more hygienic. It really needed airing in the sun at least once a week to keep it sweet thus it was getting a bit smelly during a sun-free Summer such as this one. And I\’ve found someone who will take all there wee-soaked hay and dig it into his garden, something that the council are too lazy to do these days. I cant think of many things that are more easily and usefully recycled-but they just couldn\’t be bovvered.The British will never get the idea of recycling if the authorities couldn\’t be bothered.What got us on to Jim\’ll fix it? Is he still alive?I couldn\’t get my normal blobeccles call sign to work with a certain filehost, so i\’m using this one *grin*http://s58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/blobeccles/?action=view&current=ScreenHunter_01Sep141544-1.jpgDo you reckon that the sheep will be nervous?HugsBob xxxx

    Get you Miss Bling Bling!! I reckon you\’re well and truly down wiv the kids man ;o)
    Oh and WHY aren\’t you drunk? You haven\’t given up have you??? **sniggers** ( like that would ever happen…..falls over laughing)
    Hugs   Tootsie  x

  32. Oh NO .. I\’ve just written a long message and it\’s flashed away…Back after finger therapy,XXXX

  33. Hi your honour most Daf … curtsies with due reverence.Nope I haven\’t tried Arnica but I\’m perfectly willing to give it a go…I\’m glad you liked my name and I know what you mean about it being 20\’s ish … the most extreme version being Zuleika Dobson.I\’ll see you on facebook .. ,Lotsa Love Sarah xxxxP.S. I\’m not well … I completely forgot what I came to say …D\’oh

  34. Thank you Daf,The roof does take a lot of hard work cos everything\’s in pots…It also gets v. windy up there.. There\’s been many a time when I\’ve stood up there with a packed suitcase hoping for a weekend in Paris… Things to do .. ppl to see … a bed to lie in more like…,Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  35. I\’m tearing my hair out \’cos I\’m having a phantom pregnancy and nesting under Bobs duvet. Can you see the hair between my teef? *grin*

    Bobs let me come out with an atypical weekend card to work off my energy.
    Sam xxxx

  36. Fanks HRH,  for visiting me. When Bob bought me he was told that I was a male bunny but Bob wasn\’t convinced. Bob was (and is!) totally freaked by PC, and decided to call me Black Sam because it had anti-PC nuances. As it happened, Sam was a double gender sort of name, which was lucky really as I grew up to be a likkle girl bunny. A likkle girl who is in trouble today \’cos Bob was out all day and wiv the help of Big Patch I wrecked the Bafroom, knocked as many bokkles over as I could find and nicked all the food that was in paw grabbing range. I can expect to have the runs later through eating too many choccie biccies. Big Patch can hardly move cos he ate almost a full packet of small critter treats *grin*.
    If you want me you dont need to disturb the blog, I\’m usually in the Space cafe.
    I\’ll see thee
    Sam xxxxx

    Hey there Duck!
    A great time was had by all and it was definitely all the better for the presence of a balloon touting duck ;o) I bought them home and DB and I spent a good half hour untangling the strings so the balloons floated in perfect position…….all the time giggling about what a certain person would say if she could have seen us!! Think it would have gone something like this……y\’ar men\’al!!  heehee
    Hugs  Tootsie   xx
    PS The West Midlands have reported a red alkypop crunch today. Apparently the Government will be bailing us out by buying all the remaining red alkypops and drinking them………. go figure!!!!! ;o)

    Hello oh great and literate one!
    Many thanks for the card. The family would like you to know that you are very welcome and when those in residence with me read it the vote was unanimous………you\’re nutty and they lurrrrve you ;o)
    Hugs   Tootsie  xx

  39. Hello your Dafness,I\’ve just written a blog about what I\’ve been up to .. it was a nervy time so I HAD to consume some Vodka @ the weekend .. just to calm the butterflies in my stomach…… it was my mother having the op … a radical hysterectomy  … personally I think what\’s \’radical\’ about it is being given a couple of paracetamol after the op … but this time last week .. neither of us had a clue about said op …I agree about the tobacco giving up .. I think all these things like Zyban, patches are just kinda delaying tactics.. I know cos I\’m doing it myself ..Happy Weekend Daf …. Daf do you know what happens if you put a \’T\’ after your name ????Runs away …….. chortling about her own joke..Lotsa Love Sarah XXXX

  40. DragonBoy Says:

    Nice wart by the way…
    ***Because it\’s been a long time and you\’re no longer in residence feel free to use them as you wish… but keep it clean ok?  Friday Hugs***
    DB xxx

    Dear Daffy,
    I suggest that you not get anxious about this unwanted attack of Wild West-itis. You\’ve done exactly the right thing writing to me for advice as I\’ve recently been awarded the Booker Prize for UAC* 2008. I suggest that, instead of worrying about your apparent attack of tourettes, you embrace it and spend less time at Rock night at the pub and seek out your local line dancing venue where your constant YEEEEEEEEEHHHAAWWWWWW-ing will be applauded. Be sure to throw in a generous amount of thigh slapping and impersonations of John Wayne (Get off yar horse and drink yar milk) and you\’re sure to receive a warm welcome.**
    Hugs Aunty Tootsie xx
    * Useless Advice Columnist 2008
    ** You may want to swap the red alkypops for Sasparilla

  42. WTF had you been on at 4:24am Oct 4th, Mrs Duck? You were very agreeing. You wont be very agreeing when you learn that I\’ve dumped my dinosaur Dell laptop for an Acer Aspire minibook which does almost the same, but is only a third of the weight and thus can be carried on the holiday that I\’m going on Monday next week. The idea being that I can attend to my Space and other matters fromTurkey or wherever. Cool, eh? I\’m going away for 5-6 weeks. Only f.factor is that Sam still has quite a bad stomach, thats very bad for a bunny, and I hope that I can leave her somewhere where she\’ll survive comfortably.Fanks for visitin\’hugsBob xxxx

  43. You? Feisty? You h.aven\’t been feisty for ages HRH, I did wonder what you\’d been on, as I said. Did I tell you that my wonderful new baby pooter is a merveilleux dark blue? *swoon*. The touchpad is much easie to manage than the one on that dinosaur Dell thing, which I\’ve now sold. Hows your statusfull minidisc? *grin*.

  44. heyyyyyyyy ommmmgeeeeewhiiiizzzz i LOVE this song. and the film. 10 things i hate about you. i could probably actually recite the script off heart. i also used to have a HEEAAAUUUUGE crush on heath ledger before anyone actually knew who he was. and "a knights tale" is frickin awesome too!! but still… phhhwoooooaaaaar heath ❤ my one and only. mitts off. or webbed feet, whichever you choose to wear today. good point… what happens if ducks get cold feet? can you get specially tailored slippers, or toe socks. hmmm i never liked those, i think they looked stupid, plus mum never let me have any cuz apparently they rub your feet. but i did insist on walking round in cut offs with knee high odd socks on, and pig tails. cuz im cooler than beans. feck i have no idea what im even talking about. lol plus knee high socks were s expensive and one always seemed to get holes quicker than the other… made sense! okay okay hands off me i can see my self out "lets daff do the comedy kick out teh pub hold \’em by the collar and boot them out thang" plus mum showed my dong thongs. and told me the convo about my dad doing the tester card thing. one word. wrong. i will now not be able to look at dad lying on the sofa everagain. thankyou for scarring my childhood!!!! heath would look good in a dong thong. although not as a joker. rip ❤

  45. how do you delete comments? *runs away*

  46. Hiya Your Dafness,Sorry to hear you\’ve got flu .. a tish uuuuuuuu …. I had it as well …not nice you poor thing..My mother is doing really well thank you .. and the good news is that the cancer hasn\’t spread..She says it hurts when she laughs .. (\’cos of stitches) I\’m just happy that she\’s laughing at all…I must write a blog soon .. but you know when so much has been going on .. it\’s difficult to think clearly and write anything…You\’re perfectly welcome to harrass me on faceache but I suspect you\’ve got much better things to do with your time.. I find I go on there and then can\’t get off … in some ways it\’s much more immediate than msn … but somehow not quite so chunky … no style and no substance either .. which begs the question what am I doing wasting my time there … I dunno WAIL….I hope you feel much better soon Ms Daffy-Punzy,Lots of Love from Sarah XXXX

  47. awww ur always ill lately ((HUGS)) obviously you\’re not drinking enough gin!
    That sentence made perfect sense to me cos its the way I think!
    S xx

  48. Oh I forgot to say, my new car is black 🙂 and I\’m gonna decorate the inside out in red 🙂 x

  49. Oh and I also forgot to say, I dyed my hair black but it went a bit wrong and it went purple instead! A bit like this writing, maybe a bit darker, but I acutally quite like it 🙂

  50. Hiya Lurgified Daf,I\’m pleased to see that someone else uses the word lurg .. I often use it and find that I\’m the only person that knows what I\’m talking about… so no change there then .. please don\’t murder your girl child .. accept illness graciously … Yeah Right .., sorry to talk such nonsense I\’m obviously still not well myself…The bad news is that my mother couldn\’t see me when she was laughing .. she only heard my voice on the telephone ..  that seemed to be enough to start her off … seems a bit cruel when I was her first born…Well I\’m off to rub Vick on my chest yet he doesn\’t know it yet …,Lotsa Love Sazzy Dew Drop XXXX

  51. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Free hugs is all well & good, but I couldn’t help thinking ‘If I felt a hard-on developing during the intimate free moment, EW – converted’, you know – that’s why it’s not so simple to say yes.

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