Just Stuff to look at…..

Seeing as how Im over here a bit more lately I thought I should probably give ya all something new to look at and get reaquainted,  so posting a quack quiz.

Age: 4a
Height: yes
Eye Colour: no cos people refuse to stand still long enough to take a sharpie to them
Star sign: Aquarium (thats the one with the picture of the woman carrying the dog in a burburry bag)
Interesting: Not so much
Hair coloured: only partly
Do I like pencils: a resounding yes
Regrets: inventing shoes
Ambitions: Take over the world but only on Wednesdays
Fave Food:  sand judging from my display pic….
Weakness: I have none cos Im Connor McCloud from the clan McCloud and there can be only one.
Pepsi or Coke: Coke…. Pepsi just wont stay in a line
Do you swear: No I f**king dont you cheeky c*nt
Bedtime: Already???????

Great Friday song on the media player today – dare ya to boogie!



6 Responses to “Just Stuff to look at…..”

  1. Love the Counting Crows!!!
    Hopes your swell my deary!
    cheers to Friday!

  2. I\’m always looking good. I don\’t what your talking about.
    I\’m so pretty, Oh so pretty

  3. WayHeyyyyy
    Yer Back ?
    Hope so
    he he
    It\’s been ever so quiet around Spaces while you\’ve been off on yer trek around the North Eastern Plar region of England.
    Counting Crows eh ?
    Mmmmm – Good Choice
    Hope yer fit and well Saus
    Catch you later

  4. Plar = Polar (in Yidtaah Yorkshire)

  5. First of all …. a deep bow as I\’m in the presence of royalty…You\’re incredibly funny as in amusing not odd… ie Aquarium .. and woman holding dog in Burberry bag …. I\’m helpless with Mirf who I don\’t think you know yet…How\’s the fever ?.. it\’s certainly doing wonders for your creativity…Oh Daf .. I apologise … I forgot to bring you some bread…I don\’t drink,smoke or swear either … Oh F*ck I\’ve just dropped my fag in my Scotch !..Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  6. That\’s some fantastic dance ya got going there!!!!! My blog is looking old and bleak. I need an update. Hmmmm. I did take some choice piccys over the past few weeks….. maybe I\’ll post those!! I do hope your poorliness is on the retreat. Damn Flues!!! Hate em!ANYWAY, Gonna keep this brief coz I wanna go to the loo, do a wee bloggy and then bugger off for a lil nap!

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