I gots the skills to pay those bills……

Comin at ya like a razeeeeeeeer!

No I have no idea what Im talking about either.

Ive come to the conclusion people humour me.  Last night was having a conversation – well actually I had a couple.  First one about Sarah Palin hunting wolves in a helicipter with a machine gun….. Then one about people breeding dogs with wolves and then being a bit surprised when they tried to eat them.  People are dumber than stumps sometimes.

But this all lead on to huskies and people keeping em as pets.  My friend (shout out to my scottish mate here…..  OCH YA WEE VARMINT!!)  and I, came to the conclusion that having a husky is not a good idea.  Having done a bit of research these were our findings.

1) Husky puppies grow 4 inches and 5 teeth a day.

2) They need 12 kilos of raw haddock mixed with a liberal sprinkling of kibble to sustain them.

3) The average husky lives to the age of 34 and during this time needs to run 600 miles a day (or the equivalent of an average Geordie pub crawl ten times over)

4) Because of this it is advisable to buy your husky a tread mill.

5) Obviously while on its tread mill the husky needs some form of mp3 player to listen to.  They dont like Ipods,  and prefer rock music,  although husky cross breeds seem to prefer drum and bass.  Noone is quite sure why.

6) An average of 456 huskies are handed in to the RSPCA every year as their owners are unable to cope with the sound of the tread mill and the tinny noise coming from the mp3 player (but you can never quite put your finger on which song is actually playing…),   which can continue on til well into the early hours as huskies need very little sleep.

7) Needing very little sleep isnt the same as being an insomniac so generally huskies dont yawn that much or get ratty.

8) The most famous husky ever was Nanook of the north,  who single pawedly rescued 15 little Timmys from down various badly placed wells and also invented the grunge sound in the early 80’s.   Sadly he didnt patent the idea, unlike Nirvana.


Right time to slip into something more comfortable cos its Saturday.


Thats better……………….


10 Responses to “I gots the skills to pay those bills……”

  1. Are you waiting for a reaction from the back section?
    Can\’t give you that here.
    This is the front of the line.
    And don\’t ask me what I\’m talking about I have not a clue.
    Have a good one, LK;-)

  2. Then I must say "i\’ll drink to that"

  3. And this is why 2 nemises can get along. It\’s all about the drinks.
    Enjoy yours, I know I am.
    LK;-) xoxoxo

  4. Hey chick, ohhhh I don\’t know where all this wonderment comes from in you, could it have possibly been lots of voddy??????? Good to see you wandering about again and in your bestest clothes too hehehehe. It\’s sunday so I am in me jamas, got to go get me washing in soon am just hoping it doesn\’t rain meantime cos I ain\’t running just for some washing lmao.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  5. wellll helloooooooooo  mistress daffyness..  you do have the strangest conversations.. not half as deep & meaningfull as my chicken discussions.. beleve it or not i have joined a chicken forum.. we discuss all things eggy leggy & feathered ..erm..   ohh yeah.. and the meaning of life..
    waddga mean sad ?..  show me another bloke who has SEVEN leggy birds chasing after him for his nibbles..  & in the morning.. i get breakfast.. now if i could just teach em how to hold a saucepan …. 

  6. haha how wierd i was just telling mum (whos in rome) of the antics our dog gets upto while she\’s away *go read her blog on the instructions comments!!) oooooh btw she\’s in hrome and she left no istructions on not having house parties, she also left food money which we could just spend on alky pops and get db round tooooo!!! im okay with not having heath now, i\’ve learnt to deal with it and wouldn\’t say no to a bit of patrick dempsey whos probably twice my age. why are there no atractive famous male my age? there isnt even "attractive" boys in stupid high school musical 1 2 OR 3!!! and that kid thay layed harry potter\’s a right geek*cough*looser*cough*four-eyes*cough*cough*cough* maybe we should just buy lots of puppies *not the sort at mums party* and suprise everyone when we come back.

  7. LOL
    Very descriptive I must say.
    I\’ve no idea why I\’m a constant shining star kidda
    Must be a personality thing
    he he
    Have a lovely week

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    I told my son about the rapid teeth growing & then read the rest of your post… and now I don’t know if you’re serious!

    Interesting though 🙂

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