Bit random today. Things that made me snigger over the weekend…..
(While watching TV and one advert was badly edited into another)
‘All that will be left of our civilization is the Bratz Movie – out on Monday.
(Two Pints of Lager)
Ive seen your Immac strips in the bin.  Its like spiders are waging a war on wicker.
(Spoof on the Wizard of Oz)
Glinda: Youve had the power to go home all along.
Dorothy: Why didnt you tell me?
Glinda: You wouldnt have believed me.
Dorothy: Are you out of your fucking mind? You came down in a pink bubble.  Ida believed anything you said.
Indjun Name: Waltzes With Snobs.
And now for your delectation,  couple of song parodies.
Shakira – Whenever whatever
I Kissed a Girl (Elderly Remix)
Oh and if my media player offends just hit escape silly! ;O)



  1. Greetings from Turkey duckacious one -and cool or not, I\’m writing from beautiful Goreme using a WiFi connection that I\’ve picked up in my ho(s)tel. Hows fings?

  2. haha! very funny especially the immac strips one! :)) What\’s occurring? lol I been watching re-runs of Gavin and stacey, do u watch it? Its how I talk! Exactly! The welsh ones not the essex ones!
    Oh and my hair is no long purple! Its gone sort of a reddish colour!

  3. Ok you had your day of recovering.
    Now, let the games begin.
    Or we could drink some more.
    Have a good one, LK;-)

  4. I\’m really up for the drinks.
    Maybe i\’ll smash a bar and we can drink for days and invite friends.
    Maybe even get a band.
    What\’s your thoughts on this.
    We could always drink alone.

  5. I had an idea that big rocks might impress you HRH *grin*. Off to bed now, I\’m off on my first tourist trip for 40 years tomorrow.
    I\’ll see thee Jacqueline LMAO thousands of times!!! *Bob runs quickly for the Space door*

  6. i stopped it after \’she\’s not like most elderly\’… i could see where this was going and would have made me go EWWWWW 😛 xxxx

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    That Shakira parody was hilarious!! 🙂

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