What is a completely inappropriate present for your daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday?
I went for a really horrible cheap shiney red satin man thong with black lipstick kisses all over.
(It was just a joke and I did actually give him something else after but oh how I sniggered at myself….)
The Wierdest Childrens Cartoon Ever

8 Responses to “Question…….”

  1. Nope
    I\’d have to go with the singing German Tree thingy

  2. although this would scare the shit out of me if I was 4

  3. That sounds like an idea. We\’ll call it
    "Metal Up Your A$$" 
    I\’m not sharing my booze with 10, 000 maniacs.
    Lemmy can still play right?
    Have a good one, LK;-)

  4. Are you trying to enbarass Tarin\’s botfriend HRH. Guess you can get away wiv it. Whats this about "elders" anyway? Only just *grin*!!

  5. Yus! The laptop\’s come and i\’ve called it Jareth. It\’s blue and has a nice  big screen 😀 well next time if you like ill go into deep detail about how fab you are, even perhaps listing the ways although im lazy so it\’d probably just look like this:1, she\’s fab2, because she just is3, repeat 1 and 2 untill death :Pxxxxxx

  6. actually its black satin with red lipstick kisses, not red with black 😛
    and i rather like it, its not embrassing at all 😀

  7. Well of coarse the ball is in my  court.
    I am the Lizard King. To me, as long as it\’s metal
    I don\’t care who plays. Just bring on the booze baby.
    It\’s friday time for more rounds.
    FYI vote for me @ SHOF.
    the link is on my site.
    Have a good one, LK;-) x0x0

  8. Hey cute stuff,
    While you are voting for Timmy, maybe you can
    throw a vote to me & Cathy?
    That would rock=)
    if not then that\’s ok too…..=)
    Have a super great Halloween.
    Stop by and say hello sum time…..
    For Best Halloween/Theme design: Crazy Shannon
    Have a great weekend too…

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