yo blud

Jelly baby goes into an STD clinic covered in icing sugar and liquorice.
Dr says ‘So what you have been up to?’
Jelly baby says….


6 Responses to “yo blud”

  1. Becoming a very prolific blogger again,HRH? Gawd, its definitely a brass monkey evening here. Sat in the hotel wiv a sweater and a fleecy on so I can get as much WiFi time as poss!!

  2. hahaha

  3. Great minds think alike you know. I was in the mood for some Motorhead.
    Always had a soft spot for Lemmy being as ugly as me.
    Tell me what you think. Should be a blast.
    Have a good one, LK;-)  

  4. Its Tuesday so you may be Karaokeing, but just go and see the new piccie that I\’ve put up of where I am now (Goreme).
    Its so cool (in more ways than one).
    Bob xxxx

  5. Went to the doc\’s the other day….. I had gravy down my chin, carrots stuck in my ears and green beans stuffed up my nose.
    Doc Sais
    "You\’re not eating properly"
    he he
    As we\’re in daft joke mode
    The post blog seems a little dark

  6. as long as I can enjoy the sweeter side of life with you around!

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