Just Friday…


Anyway – this is just cruel,  and Im only drawing your attention to it because Im so appalled.
Prank Call


15 Responses to “Just Friday…”

  1. Awwww,I\’m technically an adult now so I\’m not eligable for the free puppy, although I\’d react the same for the expresso. The other day I had a mocha and my body, being only used to milky coffees from home and cups of tea went *SQUEEEE?!?!?!* and i felt all sick like after you get a big fright… and my mate was having like, a medium americano with expresso shotsand stuff so i must be a caffein lightweight lol i didnt deal with it well, guess if i did get that expresso id just give it to a pidgeon or something.

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  3. You could of joined us. It could\’ve been like a inter racial orgy.
    Now how fun would\’ve that been.
    Go Go Godzilla!!!
    FYI You neto put my link up with your vote and what category, PLEASE!!!!
    Have a good one LK;-)

  4. You might want to reconsider with the 3some.
    If you don\’t help that little frog out someone\’s gonna get hurt.
    And you know it wont be me. We can call it, ummmm………
    Have a good one, LK;-) 

    Hey there, well aren\’t you all sweetness and light? Thanks for moving the meatballs……I went all squishy at the thought that you\’d cared enough to do that for me……..then I got home tonight and put my feet in my SLIPPERS!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Now I\’m squishy in a completely different way ;os
    Anywhose, I\’M BAAAAA-AAAAACK ;o) Hope all is well and talk soon
    Hugs \’n\’ stuff        Tootsie  xx

  6. Hiya Daf,I listened to the so called prank call but couldn\’t listen to it all … I may be a spoil sport but I just think it\’s so mean… especially when the woman was being so pleasant..You\’re right your Quackness .. I\’ve got rid of the noise .. it took me ages tho .. as someone had left something on my page that downloaded this dreadful noise onto my comp… Grrrrr not amused…You mention the amount of coffee you drink .. I used to drink absolutely masses of the real stuff .. but i hate that speedy feeling and the tightness in your feathers..Hope you have a great weekend … but watch out that your pond doesn\’t freeze over..Lotsa of love from Sarah XXXXP.S.. Sh*t .. I forgot to bring the bread and other awful duck related puns X

  7. Hi Daf,Thanks for the kind offer of battering peeps … you never know I may need it one day .. some nasty ppl like to leave horrible messages just for their so called kicks…I was brought up in such an old fashioned way .. ie to be polite etc … I don\’t think it prepared me at all for the real world .. but I\’ll survive … I\’m little but … I can stand up for myself .. I\’ll be able to do an even better job once I\’ve got some strength back in my legs…Don\’t worry about the Quackers…. that\’s why you\’re a duck … albeit a very royal one… your majness… have a great weekend,Too right .. what a downer to lose a good friend on here \’cos of hacking… I tried to report abuse about it … but the reporting system was so weird .. I got absolutely nowhere. I\’ve a feeling that was the point.Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  8. Quick Daf,Chris has got a song on his page called "Nice weather for ducks" … I bet it was written spesh for you xxxx

  9. Foolish me, how could i forget the teachings of the pidgeon expresso taboo?!I called it Jareth, and if anyone asks me if i mean \’Jared\’ I\’m going to give them a sympathetic look and stoutly ignore that they said it ;P

  10. Oh! I almost forgot, I had a dream last night where you got SOOOO angry and upset at me and like, wouldn\’t talk to me or anything cause i said you weren\’t very good at biochemistry… yeh i woke up and what like eh?!

  11. Tiz indeed a pleasant day for ducks … not quite the Utopian ideal \’tho … could be wetter and better…There\’s a canal very near me .. a lot of your friends live there ..Are you a specific "brand" of duck .. or is it churlish of me to ask ..Do be careful of the Canadian Geese ..they can be terribly bad tempered and I\’d hate for anything to happen to you…Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  12. Hello Daf….It\’s just… a perfect…. day … tra la lah … be very very grateful that you can\’t hear me singing …It\’s pouring and you should be in heaven …. Quack !..Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  13. Hiya Daf,I was so involved with playing games on F.B. … I completely forgot about the clocks going back ..as it\’s a Sunday it doesn\’t really matter tho .. Glad you\’ve got some sunshine…Any ducklings on the way ?.. Daf goes green…Lots\’a love from Sarah XXXX

  14. Nice to see you Duck of my dreams, but dont screech too much please, I need to take it easy at the Mo, besides I\’m trying to drink my Turkish tea undisturbed. I got back down OK (clearly, otherwise I wudnt be writing this). Those f\’ing heads were the thing that I was looking forward most to, I\’ll just tick em off as jjust anuvver world heritage sight explored and go to another one tomoorow. Theres so much to see that one gets blasee like that hereabouts-besides, world heritage sites spring up like mushrooms. Suppose that I\’d better get back to my tea, wait for Lady Ts next offering.
    Bob xxxx

  15. lol How I laughed at the present you bought for your daughter\’s boyfriend :)) Is he very very worried now?

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