I think somethings messing with me mojo……

Having finally recovered from my orrible flu (graciously donated by darling daughter) Im bombing about a bit doing a catch up on real life.  Is it really awful I loved that week under a blanky with the lap top on my knee?  Even amazed myself how quickly I turned into an internet bum!
Just got back from visiting my folks,  who were baby sitting my little niece and nephew. Guy knocked on the door cold calling and my Dad went to answer.  Niece and nephew went for a look and came skuttling back into the room yelling ‘Hes Irish’ ‘And hes oooooooooooold’ – poor bloke.  So having been regaled with stories about crocodiles and snakes being flushed down toilets my quote for the day comes from my little niece who informed me ‘ I believe in chimps but I dont believe in kangaroos’.
Anyway today this is making me smile alot.
Eva Cassidy – Cheek to Cheek


7 Responses to “I think somethings messing with me mojo……”

  1. You didn\’t lose your mojo,
    The Lizardking is aka Mr. Mojo Risin
    Able to keep you smart and witty during you internet experiance.
    have a good one , LK;-)

  2. Glad to hear yer fit and well again Saus
    I don\’t believe in Hippopotorhinocows.

  3. no I didn\’t win that contest but me and Dragon boy have a plan.
    Oops, i\’ve said to much. And it\’s mr mojo risin
    Have a good one , LK;-)

    Oh, I do like a bit of Irving Berlin, but I much prefer a little Cole Porter. It\’s so much easier than having to carry your own Cole.
    That Vader Chappie,

    Wotcha Punzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
    I hate it when people mess with my mojo\’s.  So there I am… I\’ve just rushed down to the corner shop, pocket money in my sticky little hand, raided the mojo section of the sweety counter (2 for a penny… now thats a bargain) and I\’m back at home with my stash on the table…. spearmint ones over there, strawberry ones over there, nana ones over there and then BLAMMO!!!!!…. someone bumps into the table and send them everywhere… they have to be picked up and sorted again…. and don\’t get me started if I\’d been and got monster munch… the crumbs got everywhere…. and i\’d still be finding bits hours later…
    Aaaaaaaaaanyway… on a rather more disturbing note, I once had a cat called mojo and a relative that used to mess with it… It was not a happy kitty let me tell you and further details of this rather untasteful footnote in the dragonboy family history will not be divulged upon this very  page for the sake of decency and taste… let\’s just say it takes a few shots of tequila and for my senses to be drunk into oblivion before that one gets out.
    Oh… and be careful dancing cheek to cheek in this cold snap… you may get stuck together and that would be terrible…
    ***Tangoing Tuesday Hugs***
    DB xxx

  6. Phllic? Wiv a nice mind like that you shud be over here HRH *grin*

    Chow Bella!!!
    Tis I…….the wanderer………back from me jaunts ;o) Oh and thanks for putting Eva on ya page cuz I\’ve been happily grooving with her for at least the last five minutes…….and I\’ve just worked out how to turn up the volume on Sparky\’s laptop so I\’m gonna groove me some more in a minute.
    Glad to hear that you\’re recovered from that blasted fluey thing……Sparky had his Flu jab this morning so my guess is that he\’ll be going down with a full complement of fluey bugs any minute………NOW!!!!
    Trash is happily playing with the pute whilst waggin\’ a few more days off work……..she\’s signed off \’til Monday and despite the fact that she seems a lot better she\’s in no rush to get back to the grindstone…….she\’s back to see the Doc tomorrow cuz her tummy;\’s still hurting and you\’d have thought that the antibiotics woulda kicked in my now.

    Anyhoodles, having eaten all of Trash\’s chocolate eclair sweets I reckon it\’s time for bed.
    Hugs \’n\’ stuff     Tootsie   xx

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