Stoopid makes me laugh.

So I reiterate what Ive said before – some people are dummer than stumps. 
For example Jonathon Ross (who Id always thought was quite smart) and Russell Brand (from whom I was seperated at birth) making that stupid pank call on Radio 2 and ending up suspended.  I mean its all very well but  the average age of Radio 2’s audience is about 100.  You can just imagine them all spitting their false teeth across the room when this went out….
I hate to admit it but the song at the end did make me laugh
So speaking of stupid,  where I live is kinda at the top of  a valley with a river running through it.  Youd think a big supermarket would have the sense not to build their shop over the river.  But nooooooooooo everytime we have any rain this is what happens.

But I have to say one of my fave stupid people was this guy we used to know in our youth,  who to this day thinks ‘immaculate’ means cream and brown.  we told him it did cos of this.



So I suppose all that remains is for me to wish everyone a very spooky Halloween and flash my pumpkin!





8 Responses to “Stoopid makes me laugh.”

  1. stupid is as stupid does!
    LOVES\’ ya most-
    and wishing you a GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLEY spoooooooooktacular NIGHT tomorrow!
    I get to go and freeze off my kanoosh while my kids get free candy – I refuse to buy it anyhow- so their one chance to have it in the house!

  2. Indeed there are many many stoopid people int he world!
    Not us tho we are too royal 😉
    love princess thelma x

  3. Oi !!!
    I listen to Rad 2 !!
    I listened to this recording this morning – bit daft really all the trouble it\’s caused but, I suppose it keeps the press off Mr Brown\’s case for a while.
    (And RB\’s spontaneous song was funny)
    Anyhoo – MUSIC QUIZ to finish compiling
    he he
    TC Chuck

  4. Yes the laptops fine and everything, i particulaly liked my smallest cousin\’s veiws on kangaroos, i was just commenting the other day on how scary they were and I\’m sure some people wished they weret real… they look less real than chips s I get her point.Ahem, i currently have £21.10 in the puppy fund now! AASAGH! I just nearly had a fit cause i felt a light tickle on my leg and thought it was a spider but it was just the cable for my laptop.With that I\’ll wish you adeu, or bid you adeu even. Thats not how you spell adeu but nvm :Sxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hellooooooo your dafness,I\’m sorry about that pic .. but the trouble is it\’s the only one where my face looks relatively O.K….I was listening to the Woss and Brand .. thingymajig .. I never listen to Radio 2 … they both sound really over excited … who\’d know it would lead to the current furore … … spesh as Andew Sachs is a nice bloke .. who wouldn\’t have complained had it not been for him defending his daughter ..I\’m sure Woss is now about 50 .. I reckon he got carried away with tying to keep up with Brand… too right … they is both FIK…Have a happy weekend Daf…Lots of love Sarah XXXX

    **sniggers** IMMACULATE………what a wally!!! **sniggers lots more**
    OH and thanks for putting the Radio 2 clip on here. I hadn\’t heard it until now but now that I\’ve stopped laffing I feel that I can say with confidence that the whole thing was, in my opinion, premeditated. Oh and did you know that out of the 18,000 people that have complained about this only 2, yes that\’s TWO, people complained directly after the show was aired. The other 17,998 people jumped on the Media Band Wagon after it had been blown out of all proportion. Way to have a life!!
    What is it they say………there\’s no such thing as Bad Publicity!!! They\’ve gotta have SOMETHING to write in their memoirs for goodness sake ;o)
    Hugs \’n\’ stuff
    Tootsie xx

  7. Yeah I quite like my melon as well and it took me about quater of an hour to do cause it was sooo easy to hollow out compared to a pumpkin although its all watery inside hehe

  8. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    This is a strange one isn\’t it? I had to wonder what world they were
    living in, I probably shouldnt give an opinion on it because I didnt
    listen the whole thing, after about 4 minutes, I couldnt bear anymore
    of russel brands whailing. Was the phone call because He didnt turn up
    to one of their interviews? because youre right, they are quite
    intelligent when theyre not putting on the act. I heard russel brand in
    an interview once, and he was talking about how he got over his herion
    addiction, and realised a bigger reality, y\’know, he was talking
    seriously not trying to be funny, yet i saw more humour in that. He\’s
    naturally more funny.
    Anyway, I was considering, maybe it was just about proving a power
    point, and by that i dont mean how the press have displayed it by (them
    thinking they have the power to do as they please) infact I mean it the
    opposite way around.
    I think they \’Knew\’ what they was doing, and later questioned it through how other people saw it.
    oooh who cares anyway..
    I find your Halloween Hen party to be more interesting! What a cool day to Have such an event 😀
    hugs from theeemazi x
    (hope things are okay) x

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