Is it saturday already?


Halloween was great – stuck some piccys up. The ones of the boychild and his mates are a bit blurry but thats cos my phone camera is basically a heap of poo!

Speaking of photos – if your gonna advertise something on ebay with a reflective surface do be careful what your wearing when your taking your photos….


Im feeling a cross between ‘whoops’ and ‘eeuuuuuuw’ at that one.

Right its nearly 7 so time to start a bout of Saturday drinking,  stick on some good vibes and get out the jazz hands!





12 Responses to “Is it saturday already?”

  1. KITTEH!!! The lips on that woman made me snigger somewhat, she looks like shes got hotdogs on her face hehehxxxxx

  2. Hey chick, was just saying to Michael that only bored women have clean houses, he\’s the clean freak with the OCD pmsl. It\’s funny though when he comes here, one point if he took owt off he\’d have to have it folded up all nice, now it\’s more a f**k it and it\’s thrown to the wind pmsl, must have rubbed off on him lol. I love the kettle shot lmfao. I could have gone out with the girls tonight but I\’ve got the kid from hell home cos we\’re off out tomorrow, good job gorgeous man came round this aft pmsl.
    Hope you\’re having a good un, steady on the pop mind incase you need to take more piccys. I always blame my phone too cos it doesn\’t just take the picture in a flash, you have to hold your hand still for ages and ive well shit that once I\’ve had a few lol.
    (((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright Blessings xxx

  3. I see you\’re looking as sexy and gorgeous as ever little miss HOT HOT HOT and no that\’s not some pervy lesbian thing hehehehe. I see what you mean about the pics, must have been the pop! xxx

  4. Belated happy Hallowe\’en Mrss Duck,I\’m on Santorini now,trying togetusedto a country where I generally have to pay for Wi Fi accessand lack of fings to see. TakeCareBob xxxx

  5. Yah puddy tats if we can find somewhere closer to the centre of newcy that\’ll let us have them when we move,i know my mate sophias got one but she\’s in a flat and has to do that exempt from council tax thing due to being a student but i dunno if i could affrd anywhere like that but the search for pet friendly student accomodation\’s turning up nothing so far :(i think as long as you planned teh melon and did the fiddley bits first or something it would be ok, its not floppy or anything its just not as sturdy as a pumpkin i think itd be fine 🙂

  6. LOL
    Laughing at Tatome\’s last sentence….
    "I  think as long as you planned teh melon and did the fiddley bits first or something it would be ok, its not floppy or anything its just not as sturdy as a pumpkin i think itd be fine :)"
    Strange post
    he he
    TC Saus

  7. Its Sunday now! Did you have a good night out? Are you still alive? Yes obviously… cos u left me a message. And yes awww, it made me cry. (what he said, not what you said).
    as for the immaculate house thing, then I must be extremely bright and sparkly and not at all dull as my house is a tip right now! and I don\’t care cos I\’m drinking brandy! 🙂 xx

  8. Ohhh I\’d be gutted if the last thing I ever did was clean my house. Glad I have a life that\’s all I can say pmsl. Sean Beans on telly in the new Sharpe series ohhh errrrrr.
    Bright Blessings xxx

  9. Cute Am I? I\’ll be working in the Space Cafe during my gap year so we might be able to get better acquainted in there *grin* Slice of Spice cake was it?

  10. You of all peeps should know better then to fall into a trap like that.
    It\’s a ploy to get my eniemes closeer to me. I see it worked for one.
    Come a little closer my pretty, yeah thats right.
    SNAG! and then your mine all mine muaahahahaha.
    Have a good one, LK;-) 

  11. OMG you cant know how cute Dennis is in real  life, hes so friendly, and it brings tears to my eyes every time I leave him, eating dried weeds in his enclosure.

  12. Eating weeds HRH, not eating "weed" *grin*

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