Stand up.

Billy Connolly – Old Woman on Bus


2 Responses to “Stand up.”

  1. HIYA jsut poppin in quick on me way to beddybyes. That Daffy duck is in the same pose as on a lil figurine i have of him :oD cool!! AND LMFAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD BILLY CONNOLLY MAKLES ME LAUGH SO HARD MY STOMACH HURTS!!!!
    "her crotch was about a foot off te ground….." PMSL!!!!!
    Lovin this one!!!!!
    anyway, off to bed!

  2. I just dropped in with some brandy for you. Have been addicted to the stuff lately! Is it a sign of old age that I have switched from gin to brandy???
    As for the spain thing, I know there\’s not much to think about. I think I\’m 99.5% I am going :)) there is only one small consideration that is holding me back a bit.
    Anyway, glad u enjoyed urself. Why didn\’t you take vodka in bag if u were going somewhere expensive? Doh! x

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