5th November again….

America has its new president.  In a country that only 30 years ago banned mixed race marriages in one of its states its a historical turn about.  Ive seen Jesse Jackson interviewed tonight and the daughter of Martin Luther King.  My fave quote of the night was that a rainbow of people turned out to vote in an African American president.
Oh well done!

4 Responses to “5th November again….”

  1. I\’m not at all pleased with this.
    Tme to move to canada.

  2. He\’s not African American,
    he\’s American. If he wants to be African move to Africa.
    Sorry need to vent.
    Have a good one, I now I wont anymore. L;-(

  3. They don\’t call me English American

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    Wotcha Daffizzle…
    aaaaaahhh… the smell of fireworks in the air… the warm glow of crackling fires on faces… and the sound of sirens as some poor sod welds his finger to a still hot sparkler to answer the question… how hot is hot???
    November the 5th has come and gone
    but thoughts of it still linger
    I held a banger in my hand
    Has anyone seen my finger?
    So Happy Fireworks Day… have a penny for your guy… and remember… never return to a lit firework…
    I\’m off to run around and wave sparklers in the air…
    ***Is It weally wednesday hugs***
    Peace Out

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