Thoughts on dieting.

Decided I need to go on a bit of a health kick cos Im a bit worried about how snug my dress is gonna be at Emma’s wedding on Saturday. My healthy choices include cutting back on the alkypops and sticking to vodka and diet coke,and only eating other peoples chips.  Seems to be working.   
"Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies…"



2 Responses to “Thoughts on dieting.”

  1. If the chips belong to someone else the calories don\’t count..
    I decided I wanted to lose a stone by Saturday, Yesterday. So I tried the Atkins diet. Been feeling dizzy all day, felt sick with eating so much meat! Had a headache from last night, til tonight, when I gave up and had nutella sarnies! Headache is gone and I feel soooo much better!  :))

  2. Yer hardly a fat lass that doesn\’t sweat much !

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