Wedding weekend

So the fabulous Emz is now the fabulous Mrs Emz!  The wedding was absolutely fab.  Did nearly get off to a sticky start as we had hellish trouble finding somewhere to park in newcastle and actually walked in behind her .  That however was the best time to be late cos everyone was looking at her and we snuck in unnoticed.  The actual service was lovely.  Never been to a wedding before where they made up their own vows,  and I dont think there was a dry eye in the room after that bit.  Emz sister was really funny though and cried all the way through the service and didnt seem to be able to stop for about half an hour later,  much to the bemusement of the photographer who was starting to get a bit ticked off in a very polite way.
Was sat on a table of aunts and uncles,  which was fine until my second glass of wine (hot on the heels of bucks fizz and a quick Wicked) –   by the time Id downed my champagne it was just as well we had to head off,  cos I think I was in danger of losing my polite facade any second and saying something I really didnt ought to.
Whizzed over to darling daughters at this point to pick her and her BF up,  and then back home for a quick change before we went out to the night time do. Many more quaffings there and a few boogies.  Was a really lush day and the bride and groom looked fab and soooo happy!! 
 Bride, Groom and siblings

Emma and Mike


Emma and her sis trying to get photos – spot the tissue


So anyway,  with Tat and Stu staying over we decided to have Sunday dinner,  which is always mid afternoon kinda deal in my house and then pop over to see my folks cos they hadnt seen her since shes been at uni.  Got there still pretty much full and for some reason my mum was under the impression she was feeding us.  Didnt have the heart to tell her we’d just had a massive dinner,  so we dutifully chowed down.  Reckon all that dieting I did last week to make sure my dress fitted is now completely wasted!!



4 Responses to “Wedding weekend”


    Well of course you can celebrate and have Turkey Sweets…
    Besides,…there is no borders here on spaces…=)
    We are all one huge Wonderful Country of bloggies and no one better mess with us or
    there will be Hell to pay….lol
    Heck we can make our own Holidays here on Windows Live.
    Like,…….Daffey Day *wink*
    We both know The Lizard would celebrate right along with us.
    He could light the candles in one huge roar….giggles
    Big hugs sweets….

  3. great to see you\’ve all been having fun … ,You\’re right about Facebook … a maze with nothing in it … and hard to leave..Actually I think the laptop is just becoming a hot water bottle on my tummy … I\’m putting off the time when i have to go out into the rain, cold, hail and sleet to paint the flat I\’m moving in to … kinda wrong time of year for decorating really……. whine..xxxx

  4. ello mistress daffyness..  so wheres the problem with a second dinner..  i do it often..   puddings come in threes round our house..  aint it amazing.. how well we hold our tongues when  we have had a glass or two..  its a shame the 3rd 5th & 6th bugger it all up ..
    glad you had a nice time..  weddings seem to have gone out of fashion down our end..  all us tight wad dads prob got summat to do with it mind..
    gg  xx

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