13 Responses to “Worrying….”

  1. snicker snicker snort snort!!!!
    Go chicky may may!!!

  2. LOL
    BTW – Yellow doesn\’t suit you
    he he he

  3. Spaces Hall of Fame Says:

                                  ══════ﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞ ﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞ════════                         The Spaces Hall of Fame is now
                                  holding Nominations for:
                                         *BEST POETRY*
                              *BEST MUSIC AND OR VIDEOS*
                              *MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING*
                    Please stop by and place your nominations                                 ══Thank you══SHOF══                             ══════ﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞ ﱞﻷﻣﻷﱞ════════

  4. Ohhhh I do do feelings chick, just don\’t do do them with Michael at present, tend to show him instead of whispering sweet nothings in his lughole pmsl. He\’d only laugh and take the piss like usual if I did cos we both do a lot of that hehehehe. It\’s just he\’s going all mushy on me of late pmsl. I have girlfriend status now so I guess that\’s something pmsl. Ohhh and he asked me to marry him too but I said if I\’m still about when I\’m 60 I\’ll think about it lol.
    Hope you\’re having a good un, don\’t know what that worrying thing is all about mind, straight over the top and \’ve only had a lemonade pmsl
    (((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  5. hi there
    you have an overall very kool blog
    keep up the good work

    Hey Babe,
    I never thunk bout using a spear?
    I have tried to bite through his tail once!
    Only thing was…. he liked it too much he started swishing his tail up
    & down with such a force that he almost sent me a flyn\’ over the
    Lizard Lounge bar and into the bottles of Tequila.
    Man that was to close.
    Imagine wasting all that Tequila….lol
    Not to mention the bare back rash I was sporting for a week. OYE!
    He\’s such a cute slut our Lizard King.
    Wanna compare Lizard scars?
    You know, Friendly Fire?
    Eat Lizard,…The Other Green Meat =)

  7. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hi, Daffy… THAT is soooo scary : ( and funny too! : )Nice page SxyOldMan63xx

    Hey You Cute Stuff,
    I added you to my GREAT SPACE BUDS module
    so I can visit you faster.
    Also, You is my Dudette space of the month.
    I brought my spaces of the month again =)
    I have been doing it for years and I changed my
    space around sum last fall and I never put it back up.
    I know, I Know,..
    It\’s not like you win the Pulitzer -*giggles*
    But its fun to show off bloggies who- (really don\’t need me too)
    -are rockin to the core.
    Oh\’ I see,….Lizards been here.
    He must be BBQing bloggies again…lol
    I use Febreze on my space because I have
    another green guy (Grinchy) that visits….=)
    Give it a try some time. (the Febreze I mean *0*)
    Cya Daffy.

  9. I brought BACK* my spaces of the month again =)

  10. Tasty Hallowe\’en piccies  Jacquie Duck!!
    So, next time that yer is in Turkey, brat up each sleeve, bag of oranges in one hand, loaf of bread int\’ t\’other, hop on t\’train-jobs a good en !!!!
    Bob xxx
    I may be out of contact for a couple of days-try to cope wivout Bobivers Twavels!!


    Hello Daffy Doo =),
    Okay, so like all the pot my parents smoked in the 60\’s has
    effected me in the brain!
    On the Spaces Of The Month,
    Lizard\’s gif was wigging out. *fixed*
    Your background went black? *fixed*
    As for Lizard poopie at my space…..
    YEPPERS! for many years I have had this problem…
    Even my sis complained bout\’ all the pikes in her back yard.
    (She left spaces *Sniffles*)
    But I finally fig\’d out wut to do w/it.
    I sell it to the RICHIE$ on this Island as a mud bath.
    Shhhh…. don\’t tell Lizard cuz he\’d want Royalties…lol
    PS, it wasn\’t the poopie that made my sis Pooh Bear leave.
    It was the MySpace disease….
    Impaired ppl who can\’t fig out HTML…=)
    I say this only because the lady (My Sis) is intelligent as all heck and
    wont try to even learn the basics!
    *Rolls Eyes*

    all the PILES* in her yard- NOT PIKES!…lol
    Thanx Dad!
    Thanx Mom!

  13. Stomping down your buildings looking for the Blue.
    I know where she is. I must destroy something first.
    Oh no, I feel a pile starting to push for more air.
    That means blue is not far behind. get it. rotflmao!!!
    Have a goo one, LK;-)

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