What do you get if you cross a plumber with a field of cow pats?

The pood piper.


And lastly for Thelma.







6 Responses to “What do you get if you cross a plumber with a field of cow pats?”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Procastinate….. ? Me?…….         …          …. ……

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Ah, that\’s better. Just had a coffee.You know, you do make me laugh! My bellies had a good workout today if the rest of me\’s screwed.I\’m such a numpty too… I was waiting for like five minutes for my screen to load, and then realised it was part of theprocrastination joke : ))) Doh! An\’ I\’d keep the cat! (atleast they can lick their own privates and don\’t sulk and run off to the pub when you don\’t!)Um, Terry Wogan is actually burried for twelve months of the year only to be dug up for the Children In need spectacular! I say keep him under! Also, I do not know who Thelma is, but if she\’s as comical and lovely as you I hope she has a fantastic day x RegardsSexyOldman68

    Didn\’t the Procrasti Nation used to be part of the British Empire? Hopefully, if we wait long enough, it will be again.
    Reg Vader

  4. Happy Birthday Thelma- whomever you are!!!
    I still love the cahoona\’s that this lady had to actually post that For sell ad! Everytime I see it, I giggle even more! WISH it would have been *I* to think of that!!!
    cheers- it\’s Sunday-
    Food to be ate, and drinks to be had-

    Hey there chucky ducky, I\’d hang around but I need to rush over to Thelma\’s…….
    Hugs and stuff
    Tootsie    xx

  6. Thanks Daf. Sorry I didn\’t notice it before xxx

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