Thoughts on love…..

Tim Minchin – If I didnt have you

6 Responses to “Thoughts on love…..”

  1. If I didn\’t have you to menace me i\’d have Blue
    Have a good one, LK;-)

  2. That was good pmsl never heard of him before mind, must be me liviing a sheltered life lol, off now for some more chuckles hehehe xxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hi Daffy, Ahh…I was expecting something truly profound and emotional…something from the heart…I PMSL at that…no, seriously…I may have to go change my underwear! That little dance, he does at the end?  It reminded me of school disco\’s from years (…and I mean YEARS!) backwhen you were all a bit shy and weren\’t quite sure how to dance. I mean, not like I can NOW or anything….I dance like David Brent when he did his renaissance man sketch…that\’s how bad! Thanks for makin\’ me giggle Hold on…SexyMan89 needs me to go now and lick certain parts of his anatomy…toodlelooxxx

  4. Helloooo. Yes it was my Birthday Yesterday. All passed peacefully without any major dramas. Thought I found aa grey hair, but it was just my roots, so I stopped being diva for at least an hour 😉 urs next? lol x

    Oh BUMMER!!!! I had tickets to see Tim last weekend but the weather and a series of other events meant that I missed him ;o( I have to look out for more tickets cuz he\’s just the funniest antipodean on the planet.
    Hugs  Tootsie   xx

  6. You wish, Blue and I are tight. She is good to me.
    Search for a new partner in hate.
    Have a good one, LK;-)

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