I would never….

(and apologies for the smut)
I just did a Facebook Quiz entitled ‘I would never…’  basically a list of ten things you had to put in the order that you’d never do them.  Is it just me? But if you’d never do something surely that means – well you’d never do it…  I mean what exactly do those people want from me?  Id never shag a donkey but Id slightly less never have a dirty telephone conversation with one??? Actually I’d never do either and in no particular order (I mean donkeys cant even dial everyone knows that)…  Right Im even confusing myself now so leaving with an Agony Aunt joke….
Dear Deidre,
My boyfriend and I have been saving for months for our own place but last night he asked me if I would let him give me a pearl necklace. Obviously Im flattered and if we werent saving every penny for our own house id say yes in an instant, but i feel guilty accepting it at the moment. What should I do?


11 Responses to “I would never….”

  1. I just added you hope you don\’t mind, I saw your site on SHOF, and wanted to check out the thought provoking sites, you and another are my two favey\’s so, either way I wanted to stop by here again, and that\’s why I added you, if you don\’t mind. If you do, that\’s fine also:)Giselle

  2. I deleted my facebook for now. It seemed a little, well I do I put this without offending anyone? Stupid as $hit.
    Plain and simple, i guess. I had so many web pages some of them were just boring, facebook, fubar, etc…….
    So I know i have friends here and you. think I\’ll stay planted for awhile right here.
    Have agood one and good luck @ shof, LK;-)

  3. The donkey I speak to tends to use bluetooth handsfree 😉
    Chocs are on the way! Put a bit of cake in and half a tub of cream cheese too, cos been clearing all the fattening stuff outta my fridge!
    Enjoy!!!! xx

  4. Ohhh that facebook things so stupid, I know loads of people go on it and do all them silly things but that\’s what they are silly and I have much better things to do with me time than answer a list of questions of things I\’d never do pmsl.
    Bright blessings chick xxx

  5. Good to hear LK has seen the lihjt
    Boo to you Lou (misery)
    he he
    I\’m sure you\’ve had calls from a few Asses in yer time though kidda ?
    Shaggin\’ a donkey would be a pain in the Ass !
    Ass worship ?
    Dunkin\’ the Donkey ?
    I\’ll get mi coat

  6. What the hell does lihjt mean ?
    bloody keyboard

  7. or ….

  8. Planet Nicola Says:

    My top two things \’I would not do\’ arrrrre…in order of importance **drum roll please…1)Join Face bookA)It\’s full of people I knowB)Full of people I\’m trying to escape fromC) I don\’t want them to know anything about me.D) They may find out that I spend my weekends shoving endless chocolate eclairs down my gob, and running down the street half naked in a clown costume screaming "I hate FB, I hate FB!!"2)Write to DeirdreA) I like pearl necklaces – A girl can never have to many accessories, that\’s what I say! : P Oh dear, Daffy, You mean those sort of pearls…? Oooh you never mentioned that **blushes**  hehehe

  9. I had you at facebook too but I like it better here.
    he he he
    C-YA, LK;-)

  10. Thank you you crazy duck for your vote @ SHOF.
    If it wasn\’t for friends like you what would I do?
    Well, a….
    Maybe I\’ll just leave that one alone for this comment.
    Thanks again, LK;-)

  11. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    I\’ll Never forget my password!-I\’ll Never remember it !I\’ll never say never, is it even safe to say that? lmao.but see what happened there, interesting innit.heh hehhugsx

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