The hypnotoad says ‘aaaaaaand your back in the room’





4 Responses to “The hypnotoad says ‘aaaaaaand your back in the room’”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    "PoooP!!" LMAO : ) "Look into the F%^^ng eyes, not around the %6^7ng eyes…but into the ^%^**!! eyes!" **snaps fingers** said the f%^%ed up hypnotoad. Hi, Daffy, thanks for making me LOL Great croak, by the way I\’ve just readdit : ) xxxHugs, Hypnotoad

  2. Quite right (chief philosopher) duck, it continued to be fun at Gallipoli today, though I must say that Gallipoli wasnt really my thing, and the weather was blowing a hurricane. Heading in Bulgaaria direction tomorrow, catching bus back to England Friday *sob*.
    I\’ll see thee
    Bob xxxx

  3. heh heh i likes Hypnotoad he iz cute and skwashy. Hope all iz well wiv yoo ickle frend. I iz back for a while hope yoo can put up wiv me agen. Hugs for yoo x

  4. That iz ok I will eat yur choklit that will make us even better frend 😉 sharing and caring LOL!

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