You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like lifes out to getchya?  Mines been pretty much pants,  so after wallowing for a bit Ive decided I need a little perspective….



Dedicating this next vid to life the universe and everything.


Dodgeball – Hit me with your best shot.


Much better!


4 Responses to “Perspective….”

    Oh, I had one of those weeks…… yesterday.
    Chin up, Daf. If we stick together, the world doesn\’t stand a chance.

  2. LMAO it should of said "doing"

  3. That bird would and can carry the cat away
    I\’d like to see it too.

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    **grabs bottle of vodka off Daffy and swigs the lot** Oh, I needed that!…that\’s what Hulk Hogan said! Wow, they\’re really going for it aren\’t they? Oh my. pmslI just made this joke up, but it\’s in reference to both out blogs and plus the after effects(affects??) of drinking an wholebottle of Smirnoff in the space o\’ five seconds…What did the owl say to the swift?- Do you think he swallows? : Ppmsl Thank you for the drink, it was lovely of you to offer! **leaves empty bottle by Daffy\’s door** Have a great evening, Daff!! : P XXX

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