So I have

literally two minutes to do a blog.  Turns out Im really stupid – who knew??? And please dont answer that you rat bastards.  Love ya all really..  Ive been having immense problems with my messenger and it turned out it was cos Id ticked a box I shouldnt have.  Dammit.
 Its Saturday so Im drunk and I feel the urge to share this thing,  which my husband will actually kill me if he ever finds out.  So he came in from work having had a rather bad day.  Fuck wits deciding on their driving tests that actually when hed taught them to stay in the left hand lane (cos were in England dont ya know) it was  the wrong thing to do in a test.  Anyway,  quite often I text in to radio one with answers to things and what not cos I likes to play,  and he knows this – so this afternoon theres a quiz on and he thinks – my wife does this,  so Ill give it a go,  cheer me up from my dreary day. So he sends in a question to radio one.  Gets back – hi my names Katrina Im a ex model – tell me more about yourself. (Im rofling at this point when hes telling me).  He texts STOP to the number he accidentally rang.  Then he gets ‘I dont think that text was meant for me but Id love to talk’  then he gets one from his phone provider saying – your running out of money.  So he texts – STOP again.  I just think if Katrina had been a bit more of an intellectual and slightly less of an ex model they might have been on to something…..
So posting this for anyone that ever had computer problems

4 Responses to “So I have”

  1. You want me, You wanna see me
    You like me la la la
    he he he

  2. nevermind the bullocks,
    her comes the lizad king.

    I\’m so glad that you only denied "rat bastards" the chance to answer your question. Although I suspect that drunken cowards like me should also be dissuaded. I\’ll give it some more thought.
    Any chance you could get me Katrina\’s number?
    Love and all that stuff,

  4. Steve….  Its on one of my blogs if yu need it..  The same thing happened to me :-S  She wanted to have \’some fun\’!!!!!

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