Never drinking again.




 Alanis Morrissette with a rather nice micky take of My Humps…


16 Responses to “Never drinking again.”

  1. Hiya Daf..That\’s a good one .. never drinking again ……. laff….I know the blow up cat is er… most peculiar lmao …I\’ve just popped over from FB .. where I\’m mindlessly pressing buttons on the keyboard.. next time you visit .. have a look @ My Farm ….. it\’s on the left hand side of my profile page on FB. I\’m sure I\’m due an Honours Degree with spesh Merit for wasting my time .. I\’ve become a cyber zombie it would seem….Right brain dead and brain washed I\’m going back there…xxxxx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yo yo yo! My homie Daffy in the hood! … I got my lumps outta bed at twoI really needed to pee.. not \’cus I wanted to! : ( My head is badMy tongue is worse!Tesco\’s finest voddy?Does it come with curse??? : ) That Alanis… she does \’it\’ better Not like Fergie: a real \’Ice\’ getter!Purple Ronnie, he makes me laugh(Unlike England…)I\’d feel a hell u\’ ver lot warmer if I lived in a bath! (grrr)I have to go my stomach\’s churnin\’Got some std\’s which are disconcernin\’You know how it is… I know I\’ve said it before \’NO MORE ALE!\’ …but the stuff is addicted to meReally, I think it should check itself in at AA (not the car insurance place!) :)Get better soon… hair o\’ the dog helps!I\’d hug you back, but my heads still spinnin\’ I may puke **speaks to soon**TTFN <3xxxxxxx

  3. 🙂 yeah I love that song, I haven\’t had time to listen to their other songs, but it\’s def. a favourite. Yes I made the Radiohead banner, I just got a bunch of images from, and used some brushes. It was very simple, and Radiohead is my favy band. A hangover huh?! lol I hate them. One time I was so hungover I thought about jumping into someone\’s pool to swim and drink (like a dog out of a bowl. -.-)Thanks for stopping byGiselle

    Ya know wut?
    I am Just Crazy Crazy…lol
    But you know my Motto-
    Lizard dropped off a giant poopie in my guest book.
    Man it stunk!
    Sez I owe him money.
    I nominated you on SHOF and you declined =(
    I cried for days ….Kidding :p
    Well it was the thought that counts  =)
    I made this for ya sweets….
    <img src=""&gt;
    I was in California visiting family for a few days and I am glad to be home.
    That was 8 1/2 hr drive there and back.
    Total of 1,200 miles round trip.
    To top it all off I went with my Father…OYE
    Love him but geeeeeeeeze that man NEVER stopped talking the whole way!
    *Rolls Eyes*
    Gotta go and help pimp out the Lizard.
    Laters…. =^..^= Blue

     Hi there!
     Have a great new week!
     TeLLu 🙂

    Hiya Daf,
             I just had to rush straight over and say how much I loved your "procrastination" gag.
    Now, be honest, you were drinking when you blogged this, weren\’t you? You can\’t fool me…… much.
    Love & Laughter to you,

    Oh if I only had a …………bugger I\’m using Sparky\’s comp which is American and only has this………..$
    Well you know the old adage and if I did have one of those symbols (that I haven\’t got cuz this crappy computer thinks that nowhere else except the good ole U S of A exists) for every time you\’ve said that you\’re never gonna drink again I\’d be rich and then I\’d be able to buy a computer with one of those symbols on that I really desperately could make good ole patriotic use of right now.
    Hmmmmmph!! Well never mind. I\’m good n jealous tho cuz the nearest I\’ve got to a drink this weekend was to wander over to the school\’s winter fair to collect the bottle of whiskey that Tiddler had won on the tombola. Yup they let him spend his money buying a ticket but then wouldn\’t give him his prize………..go figure!!  lmao
    Hope you\’re all well.
    Hugs   Tootsie  xx

  8. Oddly I think someone\’s telling a wee fib there maybe, no damn it more than likely pmsl xxx

  9. Planet Nicola Says:

    Cream?? What, you\’re supposed to rub it on? : SBugga! No wonder my mouth\’s bad … I\’ve been drinkin\’ it! : ))) Another Rap (by Green Eyed Pees) I can\’t type, my hands are coldWoke up this mornin\’, feelin\’ OLD!Feet are dead, I need A drinkOutta booze right nowi\’ll try a bottle of dettol ..under theKitchen Sink!  Hope your Monday is as cheery as mine! : (  Regards Fergie (the red haired \’Oh let\’s spend a week with the poor chuffers at Hull\’ one)xXx

  10. Ha! I love purple ronnie, I gave my Dad a Purple Ronnie Birthday card Yesterday. But it wsan\’t about hangovers. x

  11. hey Daf, do me a favor. Go slap dragonboy and wake his ass up.
    I need his vote over at shof.
    I knew you loved me. LK;-) 

  12. Planet Nicola Says:

    You are! You\’re funnier than me…Then again… doesn\’t take much!  A frontal lobotomy is funnier than I am ..  pmsl!! The sun is out and the skies are blue today…but it\’s still ruddy freezinnn.. whooooopeee! : ) Have an awesome, spectaculouso drink fuelled week…or… just a good week : SThat all folks! XXX Hugs and things.., Miss D Toll

  13. nah it doesnt make you mean, cause i thought it was funny too, in an indignant kinda way 😛

  14. Planet Nicola Says:

    Just noticed that Purple Ronnie looks like your Daffy pic Ummm… *scratches head* are you related?? : S 

  15. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    HEYa !!
    Yes, but I found the variation was very interesting.
    and if you noticed, 🙂 I never got angry with anybody, and that was genuine on my behalf.
    Because I actually took time to read their blogs, no matter what they wrote about, I understood where most were coming from. I think? lol
    but I have to also bear in mind that… Not everybody likes Cats.
    but did you also notice that \’some\’ peoples comments seemed to be influenced by the comments posted before.
    I think I should have been a sheep, not a cat perhaps. ? 😀
    I dunno, maybe i should try it as a sheep and see what happens then? heh heh
    Actually, on the whole, people were quite cool.
    Luv Ya Maziiiii !

  16. I really like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve you guys to our blogroll.

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