Oh um and too much information.

Apparantly when Jamie Lee Curtis was born she had some kind of genetic thing that made her androgynous.  Darling daughter today informed me that her lecturer knew the surgeon that made her vagina.  Thats the sort of brush with fame that personally Id be keeping to myself.

So anyway – both the kids been to the doctors today.  Bit of a faff on cos daughter had an appointment at three,  son had one at 4.45.  So he’s after this nasal spray that stops him having nose bleeds,  shes after a letter off the doc for the opticians and a repeat of her birth control pills (I should probably point out at this point when I say kids she is actually a young woman not a child). But anyway – son goes to use his medicine and says ‘Oh hes given me tablets this time instead of my spray’ – um no son,  those are your sisters.  I have no idea what would have happened if he’d taken them……

Something my daughter showed me thats rather cool – my kids insist its real cos apparantly Bruce Lee was ‘a machine’ (and I quote ‘he could catch a grain of rice with chopsticks mam’) but I reckon its fake. Whadda ya think? ….




18 Responses to “Oh um and too much information.”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    …I could tell you were related because he has your..umm..er..beer?! Pheww, glad he didn\’t inhale a birth control pill… I once knew someone who got a pea stuck up their nose (ah, can tell it\’s that time o\’ night just wrote \’knows\’) once and it grew shoots (or one shoot to be precise) …their mother had to get a pair of tweezers and yank it out…Good job he didn\’t do the whole packet or else you\’d have been having to pull something out with a pair of tweezers from your daughter\’s…Well, you know the rest! : P I\’m not funny tonight… going for a drink now I think. PS: I think it may be a really good \’fake\’ if it is a fake..I didn\’t know Bruce could play ping-pong…I really am having a blonde night…  : S Cheerio xxxxx nicx

  2. Ive had a look into it and the general consensus is that its Bruce Lee digitaly edited onto new footage, although its still very cool :)also, i think if dan had taken my tablets it woudl mess with his insides hormonally and he may have started growing boobs if he\’d taken them long term 😛 xxxxx

  3. Hmmm interesting lol xxx

  4. It\’s real.
    I don\’t think they had the technology in 1970 to cgi it.
    I remember seeing this on Norris Mcwhirter\’s weird world about 1970.
    Someone reattempted it and failed.
    Re son\’s confusion, maybe they would have prevented anything getting in (to cause a nose bleed that is).
    Cheers Chuck

    The census of opinion here is that IT\’S REAL!!! It wasn\’t unanimous cuz Tiddler reckons it\’s not but he\’s ill and little so what does he know??? ;oP lmao
    Anyway, I reckon you\’ve undervalued me cuz I\’m worth nothing less than a camel and if it wasn\’t for this damn financial crisis I\’d be worth an ass…..minimum!!!
    Hugs    Tootsie   xx


  7. Planet Nicola Says:

    Is it too early yet????Coming for a drink?: )see, see…I always include my homies for a drink! pmsl! xxx

  8. Planet Nicola Says:

    Is it too early to start drinkin\’ yet…  coming for a drink??See, see, ner ner na ner nerrrr…  I always inlude my homies for a drink …pmsl! :))) xxxx

  9. Planet Nicola Says:

    whoooops!… hate it when that happens…  grrrI thought I\’d added – then presses summet-  and then, oh nevermind lol : S

  10. Got my mittens hunm but gave my bobbley hat away as  a pressie to a sultry American nymphete. now regretting giving what was my night cap away!!
    Bob xx

  11. Planet Nicola Says:

    Coooeeeee Daffy! (or should that be Davvy now that you are learning German?…And very WELL I dare say!)Because the text\’s only one colour, if you press \’are you coming for a drink\’ it sends you somewhere else –  hehehe  to…  P*ssville lmfao! Ooh, I would love to join you for a drinky-poos tonight…still recovering from last night\’s session…but still…you only live once! : ) See yooou laterrrrRegards, Robert Kilroy Silkxxxxps Yes, you\’re correct. Rats are highly intelligent. Just so happens that I\’ve been discussing the values of Quantum physics and crop rotation in the fourteenth-centuary with a little chap called Ratatouille…He\’s so smart! He can even cook too! …Lil furry b%stard! : P

  12. What kind of muffs were you suggesting, (over)friendly duck? Youdon;t need to be shy on my Spaace ye know, Jan just suggested a fur lined cod piece!!
    Bob xxx

  13. Just popped by to say a quick boo!oh and my fella is a female pmsfl,have a great week xs m xs

  14. Lmao na no offence taken,found it hilarious!you brought a smile to my face and laughter to my lips,thankyou,huggles xs m xs

  15. Omfg lol,are you trying to make me rush off n buy tena lady!!yeah im female,dnt i look female in my profile pic rofl,yeah i like women well only the one,men just cant mow the grass properly hehe xs m

  16. Mad lol,dont shake your tail feathers too hard they mite fall out!sweetdreams xs m xs

  17. lol that\’s hilarious. Yeah I also love talk show host from radiohead, but I actually like all of their songs, from old to new. I\’m not sure if you\’re american, but if you are hope you had a nice turkey day yesterday, and I\’m sure if you are american you are probably getting some black friday shopping done ;).

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