I just cant help myself….

Posting this for my friendly Goth….
Its Friday – I just gotta shake my tail feathers

its what us ducks were born for


4 Responses to “I just cant help myself….”

  1. Wats all this friendly bussiness lol,enjoy yourself watever you get up to hun xs m xs

  2. Hiya Daf,Shaking those tail feathers there hun .. shake it ..shake it !!!!.I\’m addicted to the mouse as well .. or to be more precise I\’m addicted to the voice .. I think it\’s v. sweet..The other video of the mouse isn\’t quite so sweet .. in fact I hadn\’t realised quite how lurid it was when I sent it to you… "I\’m a mouse in neeeeeeeeeeeeeed"…I hope you have a very happy weekend.. keep your feather\’s well oiled..Lotsa Love Sarah xxxx

    Heeeeeeeeeeey daff-a-poodle-doo… How\’s tricks me old mucker.  Have to admit that I was always a bit of a bony-marony man myself.  Back in the good old days I used to be a regular down the dance hall… pack of roll ups in my pocket… a shiney tanner to spend how I liked… dressed to the nines in my zoot suit and looking sharp as a box of tacks that were produced by the local tack factory where I worked.
    5pm the hooter used to go and we\’d all clamour out the factory, rushing to get home for a quick hot-pot supper before a shower and a shave and a large dollop of brylcream on the old barnet before joining up with the lads for a stroll to the local dancehall.  There, I\’d whisk ida murtlethwaite off her feet and we\’d Bony Marony the night away before walking her home and sneaking a crafty grope outside the butcher…
    Aaaaaahhh.. them were the days…
    Anyway… too old for that sort of thing now but it\’s good to reminisce
    ***Finger-Licking Good Friday Hugs***
    DB xxx

  4. Blues Brothers WITH Ray –
    shakin it with you my sista sista from across the pond! I might be a tad late though…………
    It\’s a fuckin long ass walk!!!!
    can you imagine DB with Brillcream in his hair?!?!?

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