Need I say more really?


11 Responses to “Need I say more really?”

  1. LoL, Daffy !

  2. Pmsfl,youve done it now lol,youve put on me page im friendly teehee,mite av to change my name to gettin friendly goth,although that cud attract the rong cliental lol,that pic brings bak memories of before i switched sides lol,hope your evenin is a drunken one!xs m xs

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Oooh dear, my poor little eyes… oh I don\’t know where to look… **faints**Tuts.. yeah right! : P Crikey, I\’m starvin\’! What does this say about my perverted little mind?You with your beavers – me with my thoughts of bjs – oh it really is shocking stuff! LMAO!! Ps- I wasn\’t on mind bending drugs at the time..but he was!!! I\’ll go ask him later for sum more! Licks,x x x Miss H.P Saucy

  4. Sounds a great plan,oooh now what do i av??lager n black or a vod n orange!so many decisions lol!xs

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    lol, it\’s quick..but not always easy! … they don\’t call them a.. ahem..(I don\’t want to write bj again it\’s so naughty)  for nuthin\’! pmsl! Hey, this is before I\’ve started drinking.. hehehe: )Have a lovely evening Daffy ❤

  6. lmao xxx

  7. oh sorry. I thought you might be from England, but wasn\’t sure. Then shopping yesterday wouldn\’t have been any different in England, I THINK!!Anyways you should be glad you are not american and going shopping yesterday, some guy/girl got killed at a walmart, trampled to death. I don\’t know about you but that always puts me in the holiday spirit.ok have a nice weekend daff. Sorry that hotdog gives me dirty thoughts.. must go… now..wait one more look

  8. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hey Daffy, haven\’t you ate this hotdog yet….?!!  ooh, I don\’t know *tuts*if you leave it here much longer it\’ll start sprouting hairs! bleughhhhh haha : Phey! listen: a little birdy has just told me (well, i shall tell the truth.. a little owl) that any comment you leaveon my page is always welcome… even the non-comments!so thank you very much, you always make me chuckle (well, sometimes, sometimes you have me in fits…but I dooohave heart trouble u know?! hahaha)night, Daffy : )) xxx

  9. WTF is that Duck of my dweams!!?
    Anyway, I is back!! Knackered, after facing the snows of Europe, and lonely, cos I is back home, and cos  frankly, I miss the young lass that supported me through the last few weeks. I\’m keeping myself busy, keeping myself warm and I\’m eating all kinds of comfort food so I dont feel a fing. Let all the Space tarts that you know that I will be available for new twavel missions toute suite (like that? learnt it in France at 3 this morning), as soon as the fwost has thawed off my nether regions.-one cod piece just wasn\’t enuff!!

    Oooooooooooo!!!! A BIG SAUSAGE!!!!!    **sniggers**
    Hugs   T x

  11. Thank you, thank you friendly duck. Hope that you haven\’t  had your ass fevvers frozen by the current inclement wevver. The critters are OK, Sam Bunny is in much  better nick than when I went away. I hope that my new friend and I keep in touch also. But she told me that she\’d rather that I didn\’t contact her by mobile, I can\’t see any sense in that-so I wont contact her by Internet. However, stubborn as I can be (and Marie-Anne can also be), I\’m going to relent in this case-and send her a Chrissie card and pressie. We oon far to well  for me to  let pride get in the way.
    You\’re the only one coming to my space these days-possibly cos you\’re the only one that i\’m writing to!!
    Watch out for the 8 inches of snow forecast-that should get your fevvers wet!!
    Hugs bob xxxx

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