So thats it…..


Taken all I can take…. Im officially falling out with myself.  Having mercilessly taken the piss out of my son for liking Girls Aloud for all the wrong reasons (although I suppose theyre the right reasons if your a 15 year old boy…)  I found myself driving along today and they came on and damn if I wasnt singing along.  Now bearing in mind the heatin in the car was knackered (fortunately sorted out by a well placed speed hump at a later point in time) I must have been finding it catchy if it could get my blue frozen lips to move. So later Im driving home again and the new Take That single came on and dammit if I didnt really like that too….  Holy crap Im sick to death of myself and my ‘wandering into middle of the road pop music’ tendencies.  Ive decided the only thing I can do is ban myself from listening to the radio when Im driving.  If I cant agree with myself then the bugger stays off…..
Cheesy visual joke of the day….

ok ok that was probably more my kinda thing than yours soooooooo…



10 Responses to “So thats it…..”

  1. Glad you said "Frozen Blue Lips"
    Sounds like you might do better at the music quiz then, if yer listening to MOR crap
    he he he
    Next you\’ll be downloading John Barrowman\’s latest and even Daniel O\’Donnell\’s Christmas album.
    Oh dear…. the end is nigh
    Good Luck

  2. Hello! Hope you be glad to know they didn\’t take me away (not the men in black anyway, the men in white coats might soon)! I actually like that Girls Aloud Track too.. but I like most poppy music!!! Although I am currently bopping along to Rainbow\’s Since u been gone! That\’s quite a catchy track too 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh I think you need some tablets for that pmsl. Must be your age or summet hehehe xxx

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    And…ahem…what\’s wrong with Girls Aloud?? (Okay, apart from the ginger-haired-ugly one!)Well, all\’s I can say is -at least you weren\’t driving in the middle of the road when you were listening to the middleof the road music! : ) I think there\’s some catchy little tunes about right now. I like the new Leona Lewis song and that…um.. dunno what it\’s called..(i\’m sooold)…the boy does nothin\’ …he does nothin\’ …I had that in my head last week and it just would not go! : ))What music does Daffy like? I\’m intrigued!Regards,

    Oh I do like that new Girls Aloud song. And dammit all, if the very start of their video doesn\’t show a row of ketchup covered weiners………… How\’s a guy to get to sleep on a night, with such thoughts in his head? At least there\’s no fear of me rolling out of bed.
    …. but I do worry about your music taste recently. You seem to have developed one…. 😉
    Next you\’ll be telling me that you quite like…. oh hang on…. no.. you already did that. Sorry, babe, there\’s no hope for you. Welcome to my world.
    Love & Lollipops to you,
    Zac Vader

  6. Hey hun,i just had to tear myself away from des o connors greatest hits volume 39 lol,urgh argh pop stuffs yuck hehe it just makes ones ears bleed,duno what it is with those xmas songs though but they just get me singing me little heart out!give me him any day of the week,hope your days been good otherwise,xs m xs

    I WARNED YOU!!! Honestly I leave you on your own for the weekend and what happens?
    I spose it all boils down to an overdose of shocking pop………the Cheeky Girls on HOLE IN THE WALL and then Britney Spears on X FACTOR along with all the contestants singing Britney songs……….what dya expect?
    Well the only saving grace is that, if I\’m not mistaken, it\’s rock night tonight at your local haunt……..God I hope you\’ve been on the alkypops tonight………
    You\’ll wake up in the morning with abit of a headache but don\’t worry……\’s just the pop music hangover……….
    Nothing to do with the alkypops at all……….and don\’t listen to anyone that tries to tell you differently   ;o)
    Hugs   Tootsie   xx

  8. Thanks for your compliments. I didn\’t think you had it in you.
    I see you lowered yourself to self mutalation.
    This ought to be pretty. Saving me a fingernail or clawnail should I say.
    Have fun playing with yourself, LK;-) 

  9. I liked the losing the electron thing lol, then again st said the other day i was now a labcoat nerd because i REALY laughed at saying an HCl drip at 0.9% instead of NaCl hahaha, well i laughed at the largeness of the mistake :Pxxxxx

  10. lol. I am extremely innocent, I meant dirty thoughts about bbq-ing. Slapping that meat on the grill, sizzling. What were you thinking?I\’m actually a vegetarian, so… yeah.come to my space, stay for an hour you\’ll go crazy. You\’ll see what I mean.

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