Bloggy Madness

Having serious problems doing anything at all since these changes,  just getting that daft message that says ‘this link is broken’ all the time,  cos it would seem some of us are having problems with our servers since the fabulous make over.  So I cant hop about and I cant leave comments.  Although I did make it onto the Spacecraft page after about an hour of trying and read what everyone else was saying.  I dont think I saw one nice comment and they were all pretty much summed up in two words – ‘hate it’. So anyway,  forgive the lack of replies and visits and Ill be back as soon as things start working again.

7 Responses to “Bloggy Madness”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Me too *cries* Funny really, but \’Hate it\’ was wrote in every language known to man… under the sun! If Beaker was an msn subscriber he would say "Mee Mee!!" Which in fact translates from muppet -to- english as "HATE IT!"x

  2. Oh, "Hate" is such a strong word. I prefer to soften it with the prefix "Bleeding".And still the changes are happening. Last night I found all the bits and options and stuffs that I was used to seeing on my "spaces home" page, now I can only find one of them, and that\’s the list of recent comments. However, because no bugger can work out how to leave a bleeding comment, it\’s kind of devoid of any new entries.Oh, I bleeding hate it….. and loads,Stevexx

  3. I don\’t like the way that it says that I\’m \’available\’ after every \’note\’ that I make. Iknow that I\’m that easy, but I don\’t neccesarily want all and sundry to know. Further, I dont neccessarily want folk to know what i\’m writinng to other folk. I found out that 2 folk that I was propositioning simultaneously on Facebook, who,by any sensible law of averages shouldnt have beenconnected, in fact were.One cannot be too careful, can one? Does it say available after your name?

  4. (living up to \’available\’ label) If you\’re really het up about this you can always come down here…..

  5. I\’ve given up trying to navigate back to my own space from someone elses. I\’ve chosen to add each element of "new" spaces to my favourites list. Now I can get to see my comments, what my "network" are all upto, and my space, without clicking so much that I risk rupturing the space/time continuum.Besides…. why would anyone want to get back to their own space once they\’ve reached mine?Oh.. I see…. Shakey not to your liking then? I recommend you give next Tuesday a miss too then.Right, off to fix my messenger now then. It seems that can\’t be working too…… strange…………..Love & Laughter to you, babeStevexxx

  6. OMG!!! What a complete shock!! Have MSN been warning us about these changes………..damn………..must read those bloody emails instead of hitting "delete"………….damnAnyway, I\’m seriously concerned that the music on this blog hasn\’t changed yet. Seems to me that someone has messed with your mind BIG time so I\’m leaving you a quick cure……….………it all feels better now doesn\’t it ;o)As for your snow……….I\’m bitterly jealous cuz in my little valley in the shires I stand absolutely no chance of seeing any snow at all. Please send some my way…………purrrlleeeeeeeez……….I\’ll be your best friend…………Hugs Tootsie xx

  7. Ooooooooooh. I love the purple. Hey *whispers* don\’t tell anyone but Ive managed to get on this morning. Over 4 hours last night and nothing… but I\’m here YAY!!!love n hugsFluffxx

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