Do these people know who they’re dealing with?

So thinking about the changes to MSN today, and while I have to say Im not really having any problems with em anymore,  I just wonder if the techies at MSN know just how sophisticated I need my technology to be.  Quite frankly not at all….
Chatting on messenger last night I said ‘Oh Stargates on the TV’  and felt the urge to draw this:
(Its meant to be a stargate in case you were wondering and I was particularly pleased with the swirly bit in the middle)

So my mate counters my doodle attack with this:


To which I replied ‘Oh its very good,  I particularly like the snake on the front of his hat’.

‘Think so?’ says my friend ‘I think it looks like a dog chod’.

There then followed hysterical laughter and a long conversation about the word chod,  how funny it was and that it was much funnier when prefaced by the word ‘dog’.

So basically what Im saying is that Im the kind of person that can happily discuss a stick man with a turd on his head for ten minutes…..  Im not sure im ready for all this technological wizardry.


25 Responses to “Do these people know who they’re dealing with?”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Stargate has never been SO funny! (Not that i\’d know of course… I can\’t get the digi-box to work!)umm….Picture 1) makes me think – mini-rolls. And I could just eat one right now! Picture 2) makes me think -Paul o\’ Grady – capturing adder in his house – and then throttling it – right before saidadder bites Buster\’s dog-chod off head! I agree, we just didn\’t require all that change.Hugs, Nicola xxx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yeah, I think you\’re right (but not about Shannon! If she was my daughter, I\’d send her out chimney sweepin\’ all in keepin\’ withthe Annie cockerney theme!) LMFOLike you say, no-one\’s taken this whole changey thing too well. I suspect everyone is either too frightened to have what they\’ve wroteon such mega display…or they\’re all off reading other people\’s comments… : ( Anyhow, back to this idea of shipping me over thousands of quids worth of coke in the guise of snow….*rubs hands together*I\’m game!…ahem…I mean let\’s make some snow men, Daffy!!!! (no-one will ever read this mwah hahahahah) xxx

  3. WTF are you two up to? hoops! I was writing aloud. So, if the \’available is (disappointingly?) only seen by a small proportion of my erm admirers, perhaps I should do as Nicola did-she signed her name Miss N Available on my Space. Perhaps i should go into my details and use the name Robert Eccles (on heat) or Robert Eccles (shaggable). in future. No good hiding ones plonker under a bushel-or whatever they say. I don\’t really care if my e mail addy is exposed-though it may become a minor problem if my slutting around is exposed to all. Still, I\’ve had irate partners e mailing me before and lived through it. No wonder the sheep are nervous round these parts.

  4. So great ive still got you for reliable laughter,much love m xs

  5. Ok………so when do they change the name of this place to "Windows Book" or "Face Live" **snigger** I have enough trouble blogging as it is but now I can\’t even find my site to write a blog on. And what\’s the point in having a whole page devoted to what I\’ve done……..I KNOW WHAT I\’VE DONE……….I DID IT!!!! DUUUUUUUUH!!Are you still snowed in my little ducky friend? Tell me…… it true that webbed feet are nature\’s original design for snow shoes? okies………I\’m outta hereHugs Tooooootsieee xx

  6. Just experimenting. I couldnt register myself exactly as I wanted!

  7. You prefer Bob to Robert, don\’t you?

  8. PMSL you would believe some of the things we talk about, at work the other day I was nattering on about lubrication and masterbation and that was just with this lad I work with, the dippy one that thinks too much lmao. Off round to see me mate after work tonight so I wonder what we\’ll be nattering about tonight pmsl. xxx

  9. Your pic looks like the boardroom at Woolworth\’s…. All the gaffers sat around discussing the S**t that landed on the table from the fan above.This has taken 35 minutes to get here. Fed up with restarting browsers, pages not loading etc.Also, by the time you\’ve read what everyone and their mother\’s have been upto, you don\’t see what\’s actually been posted on your own space.Crazy.They didn\’t think this through – or maybe they thought too much ?Ah well.Any good on films ?Off to write a quizHave FunCx

  10. Emma Louise Says:

    Bet you never thought you\’d see me here again did well guess what here i am xxxx

  11. :-Dsmall things in life 🙂

  12. Planet Nicola Says:

    No snow yet : ( Hey, it\’s snowman v\’s stargate ->

  13. 1. an outa date jam rolly poly wiv razor blade\’s2. the person you gave it to, comin\’ to get ya!LOL

  14. A HAAAA they\’ve added a "view space" option *giggles*. That makes it a bit better!!! ANYWAY, this is only a tiny comment as I have so much tidying up to do!!! I\’ve unfortunately let this place become a complete sty.ME RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Don\’t touch the chod!!! It\’s MYYYYY chod! My chod is my treasure!!! ME CHOD!!! YAAAAAAAAAH!Shutting up now :oPLUV n HUGS!!!BBFNHB!!!(^_^)XXXXXXX

  15. Howdy DafI have some bad news for you sunshine.I have sparked a new war with a stronger adivisary.You were good but not good enough. Well in battle, your probably a better lover. AnywhoI have declared war on msn spaces.Details to come later in coded messegeLK;-) over and out

  16. Aw magic, now they took it away again. Yesterday when I clicked on ya lil piccy there was the "view space" option… msn idiots!!!!(^_^)XXXXXX

  17. Planet Nicola Says:

    I. have. declared. war. on. msn. spaces. ??? Oh dear. I think I can already hear the air attack warning : ((Heyyyyyy Daffy…. So no-one knew you\’d be a duck hey!?!…Well, I bet no-one knew you\’d be a male duck THAT\’S FOR SURE!!!! And I thought I was f%^*d up! : ) pmsl oh before I forget…(cus it\’s nearly reaching that time o\’ night) Say hello to Mr Vodka …. are SO appreciated and loved…by me! :))))) xx (oh, even though you are a male duck!)

  18. Planet Nicola Says:

    Oh Crap! if you press the first link it takes you to somewhere i don\’t want you to go to. B*LLoXx!

  19. The plan of attack is simple, we all start new accounts at myspace.Then when we have all gathered as a group/army, we ATTACK!!!We bring more worms and hackers then they have ever seen.Maybe a few sick viruses too.Have a good one, LK;-)

  20. Will let you off for peeing yersen laughing, it\’s your age hehehehe xxx

  21. Just the sort of Duck that is likely to find "Slapper Bob" amusing then. You\’ll be bowled over to find out that we started the Istanbul/Olympus Sh*g B*gs Society in M/chester yesterday. I\’ve just asked Una Vailable if she knows anyone that might want to join- but now I\’m asking you directly *with an enormous guffaw Slapper Bob chases down the Space corridor followed by Daf who….*

  22. PSsssssT……. I found a peanut….=^..^=

  23. I be here I be. I kinda fell in the door getting peshed on alcoholic rain. It\’s kinda odd coz I was looking for the bakery… Nothing quite beats getting drunk and sitting on the doorstep of a bakery at 5am and sniffing the air!!! :oPANYWAY, enough of that bakery stuff… I just wanna say one thing……one thing.Reet, I\’m off to declare war on some smurfs for stealing my wallpaper!!! Adidas Ameego.LUV n HUGS!!!BBFNHB!!!(^_^)XXXXXX

  24. That\’s True. We do have to make do with the small things in life. 😉 have a great week.

  25. Planet Nicola Says:

    Heyyyy wots up Duck? *munches on carrot*Thingsa lookin\’ kinda warner bruthas in heeeer…well gotta hop if Pluto was a dog…just what was Goofy????? : S hugs (because i\’m cooollld)Miss B Bunny

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