List of Complaints about the changes to spaces.

Dear MSN,
Just thought Id tip you off to a few of the problems Ive been having since the upgrade. Problems with my bloggy are as follows.
1.   It wont fly.
2.   Theres an odd smell coming from my media player.
3.   One of the taps is leaking.
4.   The back door keeps jamming so the dog keeps peeing on the carpet.
5.   The pizza boy cant find it anymore.
6.   Did I mention the odd smell coming from the media player – sort of like fruity with an undertone of something dead.
7.   I hate the purple writing.  oh hang on I chose that so scratch that one.
8.   My legs are very tired from leap frogging over profiles to get to blogs.
9.   My laser cannon doesnt work properly and I keep blowing holes in my cushions.
10.  The hamster is spooked and wont come out of his house.
I would appreciate if you could look into these problems at your earliest convenience (specially the laser cannon cos I need that to see off marauders)
Yours most sincerely with a big sloppy muaaah,  Daf

17 Responses to “List of Complaints about the changes to spaces.”

  1. Ha Ha Ha !!PerfectCx

  2. Omfg what the hell you know how long its taken me to get here,ive taken note of the dog peeing on the carpet and im sorry but i peed on the dog!as for cleaning up the conffetti youd better get those slappy feet of yours back over youve cleaned up the pretties but control your moulting and plz stop shitting on the bats!!enjoy your evening huggles m xs

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    My best advice would be: to entice said hamster out of house with a mini-sized-hamster-pizza..mmm, .butyour pizza boy is unavailable I see…so… hum… what a todo Okayyy let\’s resort to action B) tie dog- to tap- when doggy feels urge to wee- it will turn tap off- tap has water motion sensor on it -which willthen squirt febreeze into air – and stop odour leaking from media player (oh, on second thoughts use neutradol) -then once smell has gone- hammy the hamster can come back out to play and gnaw in peace (sounds like a book! lol) My laser thingy didn\’t work either !!f&^*&r!! It totally mis-aimed and shot this little pizza dude that was walking past our house…He wasn\’t too happy about it, I can tell thee! Wow, that pizza box went flying even if your msn doesn\’t! : )))x

  4. Hamster? So thats why Sam Bunny wont talk to you!!

  5. kyles here -im es en?that\’s how we say eet daiwn unda : ) They shauldn\’t hev messed with eet!

  6. 1. pedal faster2. take the fish outa the rom drive3. try microsoft help!4. simple, always leave your back door wide open5. wot the hell is the pitza boy doing finding \’it\’ in the first place!6. i think that fish has some strawberry jam on it7. the colour purple,mmmm… the less i say about that better8. buy some elastic trousers9. you got cushions! huff! alright for some!10 reassure poor hamsty that the nasty MSN marauders, wont rearrange his space again ..if you dont like the back door wide open use the jam to lubricate the door..and if Hamsty gets hysterical slap him round the face with the fish. everyones happy!

  7. If I were much braver, and less smart, I\’d suggest that your Media Player wouldn\’t smell so bad if you stopped putting sh*te on it.Hmmm, dead and fruity…… I never had you down as a fan of Noel Coward.Speakin of Noel Cowards, are you still scared that Christmas is fast approaching?I blooming well am. I need to get shopping soon, before the petrol station runs out of Ginster\’s Turkey cutlets and Texaco branded pot pouri…… "for that special lady in your life"L&L,Stevexxx

  8. why are most of my friends mad?????

  9. LMFAOPMSLROFLMFAO, you forgot a couple11 it doesn\’t make toast12 under which section is the endless supply of vodka???I\’m not sure why you\’d have thought I\’d have been talking about sex toys???? Rather odd is that cos well I\’m sweet and innocent me. He did come wandering in with some chinese blue pills last week mind, ohhh not that they are needed but lordy they were fun, well one of em was pmsl saving the other one for chrimbo hehehehehe.(((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  10. yeahhh.. and i bloody second that.. im too olddddd fer all these changes.. dont they know us one finger typers have a hard enuf time as it is.. i go away for a little bit.. and its like im bloody rip van bleedin winkle.. everythings different.. apart from you duchess.. your an anchor in a cyber maelstrom ( blinking eck.. wot am i offa bout lol ).. hope your keeping well daffy..kisses & slurpsgg

  11. you may be saddened that I left this venture as far as MY bloggin here goes darling sista from the other side of the pond-But fret no more- I still have to come and visit you-I think if you\’re set up right, I can add you to me list over yonder and keep up to date with ya! toodles my Daf Chicky poo poo! MUAH to you back!**wipes off slober**

  12. that would be a nope……….maybe I copied it wrong-We\’ve known for me to be retarded more than once!

  13. nope- not me-you have no feed- DAMN THE MSN GODS!

  14. Sorry chick…. That smell is me *parp* :-Sxxxxx

  15. Wooooooooooooooootcha Daffo-Deck-The Halls-With-Mints-And-Trolleys… That is some list of things wrong with your blog. I\’d take it back, demand a refund, write to Watchdog, Points of View and Trisha (you could have your own show entitled… \’I\’m Gonna Slap Yo Bitch Ass If Yo Don\’t Sort My Mah Blog….\’Then once the problems are sorted, sell your story to the papers, become Amy Winehouse and write an international best-selling autobiography based on someone else\’s life but made up to look like yours (no-one\’s going to believe your real life story anyway… a wince-inducing, rollercoaster ride of leiderhosen, lemmings and Stevie Wonder look-a-likes). Once published… sue the publishers for defamation claiming 1. it\’s all lies and that you would never have raised your standards to take part in such things2. that your reputation has been untarnished3. that you can never show your face in public again….Having won High Court damages running in to tens of pounds, become a recloose, get a blue rinse and raise chaffinches while secretly plotting to flood the Top 40 with emo songs, driving the country to a stand still (can you drive something to a stand still???) of emotional wretchedness. With everyone sobbing in to their frappylappychinos from Star-ta (other coffee/posh milkshake/crap cake but good ginger biscuit shops are available), you can swiftly seize power only to lose it all in a back-street decathlon of MB Games related… erm.. games… including Buck-A-Roo (those buckets are heavier than they look… you want to stick it on one of the front hooks… not the back or you\’re asking for trouble), Mouse Trap and Twister.Licking your wounds from such an unexpected, unexplicable defeat… set out upon a devastating and clinical bout of revenge (like food poisoning only with more running around chasing people instead of running around but mainly in the direction of the bathroom) and perfect bullet-time movement and how to open those little sachets of sauce you get at Harvesters in to the bargain. Spurred on and feeling renewed, channel this new unbounding energy into setting up your own rickshaw business and become the fastest rickshaw runner in Hull. On finding Rickshaw running to be more dangerous than expected and with the local Hull branch of the W.I. beginning to muscle in (they start cutting in to the extendy pole bits that you use to pull the carriage so they snap when you go to lift it up causing people to fall out…), fly in the face of fashion and become a Bob Carolgees looky-likey but call your dog \’Flob\’ and have a more flem-textured, back of throat clearing, hacking sound… you\’ll obviously need to have a permanent cold in order achieve this but then fame unexpectedly returns your way when you enter the Guinness Book of Records in the category of \’Person what was having a cold for the longest time ever\’ and, on the back of this, you release a never-ending stream of emo-based cover version album called \’Now That\’s What I Call Mucus…\’.Where it goes from there… well… that\’s up to you… How far do you want to take this? How far are you prepared to go Daffa-Walking-With-A-Fishcake-In-My-Hand??? Do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Do you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes? Well get a f*cking rabbit then…. eeeeeesh….My only gripe with the new changes?… They keep eating my jammie dodgers…***It\’s beginning to look a lot like Wednesday Hugs***DB xxx

  16. Planet Nicola Says:

    *note to self – must put mints and trolleys on chrimbo shopping list-cause I always forget them! You allright Daffy? The men in black from msn haven\’t been around to gag you yet have they??with duck tape!! haha duck tape get it….? ooh nevermind*runs off* byeeeeeeeeeEE xxx

  17. i have a few complaints of my own.It doesnt have a 15 degrees wont heat milk up… everything else, just not milkit no longer sticks posters to my doors*ahem* that is all.

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