Just wondering….

Since the change in VAT is the pound shop now the 98p shop?  Cos technically it should be….
And MSN,  not content with  sending me an email this evening that said ‘Discover your New Space!  Windows live spaces is now even better.’  (good to know they read all the comments I left telling them what an over complicated piece of shit I think the update is) also sent me this….

Well obviously I couldnt let that lie so I replied with this (please ignore the scribbles,  but I thought – if Im gonna try this I might as well reach for the sky)



I eagerly await a reply.


11 Responses to “Just wondering….”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hey, this is microsoft\’s sister company here – MegaHard*honWe\’re doing all we can with your demands, but we are sorry to announce that the plane ticket may have tobe negotiated with one for Milton Keynes – we know, we\’re a bit lame…best we can do. SorryAs for the Geek: we think we may have to go all \’Speed\’ like on ya ass and take him out of the equation, he does looklike a shoddy version of Chris Evans anyhow.And also, the doughnuts. …um, there\’s a slight problem there too… We ate \’em all…they had strawberry in…we couldn\’t resist…We do have some nice Kunzel cakes in the back room though – they\’ve been here a while…but you\’d never know!How\’s it sound? Deal? Or no deal? THAT is the question! You may have the 1p box and then you\’d be screwed : ) ????

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    NO DEAL!!!We have your laser canon Daffy and sorry to say this \’ But we\’re NOT affraid to use it!\’…um we had to put some new duracell batteries in like before the thing would start up…but it\’s good to go now…As for the Euros – is that a 7??? PMSL omgomgomg lol that is so funny I thought It was a "P"! Just to assure you though, Rex is sound…we\’ve fixed him up a little kunzle cake supper, put 101 dalmations on so he can watch a bit o\’ doggy porn and now he\’s just takin\’ a snooze…The MIlton Keynes ticket still stands though…do you want to take it??????The banker has just offered you your bus-fare home : P

  3. Awwwwww…. what a cute doggy. The perfect pet, as I understand licences are cheaper for black & white dogs than they are for colour ones. Yes, that\’s right, I put a "u" in colour. I ain\’t gonna kowtow to no Yanky conglomerate. No sirreeeeee. Off now before I get into troble.Have a yummy weekend Daf,L&LStevexxx

  4. Glad to see you got the "microsoft help!" thingy working !!!mine just goes round in circle\’s, good reply but i fink the geek is your\’s to keep !bet he still cant fix your tap tho 😦

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    P Euros! PMSL : )))) Um, darkened car park sounds like great fun…Apart from that, I email you! : ) Yours Sincerely Megahard*onMicrosoft sista company conglomeratesPS We had a terrible time with the dog last night. Just so happens that he found hisway into the kunzle cake cupboard…there\’s been sh** all over the shop this morningso we shot him. We\’ve made him a make-shift coffin outta an old microsoft pc box and said a few prayersHe will be sadly missed has we trained him to take complaints over the phone. One bark-yes two barks no.He barked a considerable amount…poor Rex <3; )xxx

  6. LOLGood Luck !(Get yer singing head on pet)he heCx

  7. Hey hun,aaah you even put the feathers im a tidy pile,dont worry about the smell it all adds to the flavour!especially as these little babys have a mission in life,4 sets of nostrils,3 arse holes,2 gaping mouths and a partridge in a pear tree!hope your having a drink,enjoy the weekend xs m xs

  8. I presume that you\’re not holding your bbreath Daf. (sorry about the stammer). I wonder if the notoriouss e-mail from MSN is their latest effort at driving the hardware market. They wait until you\’re utterly exasperated with their new invention and then tell you how wonderful it is. Theoretical result-one throws the pooter out the window in extreme anger and getting it repaired stimulates the hardware maket. I\’d better piss off, i mad a right balls of explaining that!HugsBob xxxx

  9. Sam Bunny wants to say hello to you but he cant \’cos the miracle working new build of Spaces wont let her. Or is there a manner by which I can sign in under a nom de plume that I have not yet discovered?

  10. And why am I no longer available, damn it? My Messenger is on for once!

  11. Hey! I was in a mojito bar when you last called over.. it was called the spanish for "please don\’t bump your head" cos it had a very small doorway, luckily I am very small and so didn\’t bump my head. Thank you for all your good lucks. They worked!!!! 🙂 xxx

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