Happy birthday to meeeeee!

Ha ha haaaaaa!  Im so excited I may just pop,  unlike the balloons I blew up yesterday that for some reason have decided that the laws of physics dont apply in my house,  and helium is in fact not lighter than air,  and half of them are now sitting on the floor.  Hmmmmmm…..  But anyway really looking forward to tonight – sharing the experience with my good buddy Vicky,  cos its her birthday too.
Planning on taking meeeeeeeeellions of pics,  which I shall blog at a later date (obviously cant blog them now cos they dont exist although as I mentioned no laws of physics here so I might just give it a go).
Thanks for the birthday wishes from everyone,  and Ill be back soon to thank you personally.
Anyway tonights theme is burlesque,  so to get me in the mood a bit of self indulgence…..

9 Responses to “Happy birthday to meeeeee!”

  1. Aww wish I had known it was your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How old? 90? 69? probably close. ;)I wanted to stop by and wish you a merry christmas and happy new year of course. http://i311.photobucket.com/albums/kk465/GiselleSpaces/Gifts/GiselleHolidays.gifI worked hard on that image. You can see the master craftsmanship of my brush strokes :)Have fun on your birthday

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    YOUR BIRTHDAY POEM….Dearest Daffy, it is your day.I hope it\’s good in every wayTried to think of words that rhyme with duck,but sadly for me i was out of luck!So here\’s a big Hip Hip Hoorayfor a lovely little duckwho\’s buggered off out tonight to playI hope you have fun and there\’s loads of voddyBut don\’t get to p****ed and run off with a guy who looks like Noddy!ALL the other warner brothers suckbut you ARE the funniest….HRH Duck! Have a great night!! XXXXhttp://media.bigoo.ws/content/image/funny/funny_91.jpg

  3. Heeey Birthday Duck **waves** Welcome to the gang ;o)I can\’t believe that it\’s that time again already……..I\’ve pulled out me pointed bra and dusted off me horny hat so stand by……….AHEM……..ahemHAAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUHAAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUHAAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAAAAAAAYYYYYYY DEEEEEEEEARRR DAAAAAAAAFFFFFYYYYYYYYYHAAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY TOOOO-OOOOOOOOO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU**GASPS FOR AIR** Phew……….well I do hope that you\’ve had the most amazing day and a lovely evening out. I can personally guarantee that it all gets better from here ;o) Hugs and stuff (wish I was there)Tootsie xx

  4. Happy birthday chicken. I hope you had the best party ever.love n hugsFluffxxxx

  5. Hope you had a great night, Daffy. You deserve it.L&L,StevexXx

  6. Hey hun gope you had a great time soz im late but the infection had me in its evil clutches hugs xs m xs

  7. Happy birthday HRH Daf, and many of them (not that you can have epecially many to come, just being polite). My apologies for not replying sooner, I missed your entry. Which is probably why I dont completely understand WTf you were talking about in the entry. But the name "Slapper" was designed to emphasise the fact that I\’m available, especially when the MSN system tries to mislead folk and say that i\’m \’busy\’ or (god forbid) \’unavailable\’. I tried to use the even more subtle sh*g b*g but the MSN filter refused to allow it. Thems the braeks I guess. Incidentally, you\’re not to late to join the sh*g b*g compo on my other \’space\’.Lots of hugs, Bob xxx

  8. Same to you friendly duck-I found your comment this time-despite my home page and profile not showing it! Drink lots and if possible do lots of other nice things. Bob xx

  9. Errm….HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY !!!Sorry I missed it – I trust you had a lovely evening.Have fun this Christmas kiddaTCCx

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