Have ya missed me? My year in video form…

New Years resolution… Pretty much to do everything I did last year cos it was a goodun!! Only more so.  It may kill me but HUZZAAAAAAAAAH!
Kids back at school on monday,  none stop drinking coming to a halt so i’ll stop being such a slack bastard and get round to see everyone soon!!

7 Responses to “Have ya missed me? My year in video form…”

  1. PUnzy daaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrling!Happy new year luva!I went to do a video like this too- but the demons have taken over my movie maker- grumble grumble grumble-Cheers sweettits!Love your guts!

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    That was SO cool!! And yeah, I missed ya.my resolution is stop smoking, not had one for four days so…. Um, which one is you in the video??? I never saw a duck : S (i\’m guessing it\’s secret though,and you want to remain all annoymous lol) Have a good evening! xxxxx

  3. Hey chick, Happy New Year. Was good that video thingy, don\’t you go to a lot of parties and stuff lol, think I need to be getting out more hehehehe.(((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

  4. Hey hun,at the mo im kinda feeling like a cat with its heckles raised waiting to pounce on some poor unsuspecting victim and scratch their eyes out lol time for a ciggy me thinks lol,have a wicked new year hun xs

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    ohhh….that\’s you! I see now. Life\’s not fair is it? You\’re one of those girls who has it all! (like me lol!!) Great looks and funnyness…to name but a few You\’re so pretty… ok … sorry… ass lickin\’s over : P xxx : )

  6. great vid daff, nice to seez ya all….having a very happy new year Thanx …………(that\’s the drink hasn\’t run out yet !!) …..be Daffy,… … hugs ,,,legit 🙂

  7. Hey, great video. Good to see that you had a funpacked year. Here\’s hoping that 2009 is twice as cheesy, and not so much oniony.Incidentally, I think you\’ll find that xenon eventually narrows one\’s potential horizons, only because it\’s colourless.Love & Laughter to you always,SteVadiex

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