Come with me… and we’ll be…

in a world of pure inebriation…. (just a little nod to the song currently on my media player..)
Ok so its monday and Im not goin out cos apparantly noone in the world is.  Dammit.  So Im consoling myself with the idea of finishing off the dregs of pretty much everythin left in the cupboard since Christmas.  A resounding HUZZAAAAAAAAH for that one.  In other news went shopping with the girl child today.  I wanted food,  she wanted a phone voucher…. We both came back with jewellery.  I think that calls for another resounding HUZZAAAH actually.
So I hope noone got into debt over Christmas  cos apparantly that can end really badly even if you borrow off family…..
And I think Ill leave with some really cheesy rock! (Weeeeeeeeell its Monday innit??)



6 Responses to “Come with me… and we’ll be…”

  1. Ohhh I wish I could do that to someone that owes me money!!!!! Thanks for the chuckle lol. I think emtying all the bottles sounds like a cracking idea lol, needs must. Bit chilly willy for going out tonight by anyones standards lmao and just think no queuing up for the bog pmsl.Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    KooooeeeeeeeE…..*waves*OOh it\’s family guy great!!! I laughed SO hard at Family Guy the other night I choked and nearly past out….that\’ll teach me! I didn\’t see any whitetunnels though which can only mean one thing…. : S Daffy, I do sympathise with your stay-in-situation no-ones going out tonight either and I\’ve got to be stuck in again nurisng the back end of a cold some remanent of Harveys Bristol cream and crisps….I just want to live in Quahog! Ps My debt isn\’t just a festive season thing! : )))

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    I like the song too….. who sings it??

  4. Heyyyy, I love this song… well I used to. So what\’s with copying my words then? It\’s as if you Xeroxed every noun or pronoun, however obscure, because it captivated. Enjoy your night in as best you can, babe. You could always have some family time. I dunno, watch a DVD or something. Failing that, just take some Daffy time. Pop upsatirs for a lie down, and lay there contemplating the world, and ask yourself "how?"Love or Laughter to you (I\’m budgetting due to the credit crunch)SteVoodooxxx

  5. Or do the Music Quiz ???LOL

  6. Perfect way to end a Monday from hell!Awe Daffy poo! Love yer guts!

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