A week ago every other advert was for losing weight and getting an exercise video.  Now theyre trying to flog us Creme Eggs and make us fat again.  Is it Easter already? So apparantly the ad mans dream at the moment is to have us all bouncing about in sweaty heaps with chocolate round our mouths. Attractive.



4 Responses to “Murblings…”

  1. Mmmmmmmmm chocolate…………I know what you mean though. A week is a long time. Not only should we be preparing for Easter, but Parks, the disgraced hamper people, are trying to get us to save money for next Christmas. When, apparently, they\’ll give us vouchers for all the big high street stores. Which, according to their advert, includes Woolworths and Zavvi. Personally, I think we\’d be much better off investing in wicker, and making our own hampers come next Yuletide.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  2. I noticed when i went shopping that cream eggs and such like are on the shelves wtf!after tonites meal im going to be hippo sized anyway!diets heck no lol healthy eating mmm maybe,have a great wkend hun xs

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    That man has no idea of rock bottom… he has a urinal! He should be thankful he got there in time too! : ) Speaking of easter eggs I like to shove an whole one in my gob all in one go! (Not talking about those Cadbury things..bleauuurrgghhhH horrible things!: )))) Happy Easter Daffy! xxxxxxHugs J H Christ

  4. Hey chick, yes we had the easter eggs instore beofre the end of the year again, I posted a piccy lmao. I\’m trying to get rid of this lard I have picked up from all that blooming chocolate and mince pies and extra thick double cream pmsl. I was thinking of going on a liquid diet hehehehe.Bright Blessings xxx

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