Old dog, new tricks.

Yesterday my folks new laptop arrived. Theyre both well into their 60s and have never touched a computer in their lives.  I have been given the joyous task of trying to teach them how to use it.  At the moment my Dad is carrying out a very unconvincing pretence that he’s gonna understand it within a couple of days,  agreeing manically with everything I tell him and then instantly forgetting what I just said.  Its a bit like trying to teach a three year old, and he just cant wait til Ive finished a sentence before enthusiastically clicking everything in sight.
Meanwhile as opposed to Mr Over-eager,   my mum keeps walking past it and eyeing it with suspicion,  like shes let a burglar in the house accidentally.  I think she truely believes that if she actually puts a finger on one of the keys, it’ll result in some kind of gas explosion and her house will end up as a pile of rubble.
Im thinking for the foreseeable future we’ll be using this alot…


6 Responses to “Old dog, new tricks.”

  1. Hey chick, ohhh I bet that\’s fun, my mum uses my old man at her house but she ain\’t on the internet thankfully pmsl. Just think once they start ebaying and stuff pmsl.Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Is there a Daftor in the house? **snigger**Oh I can always rely on you to make me laff ya daft duck!! Thankyou muchly.Hugs Tootsie xx

  3. Good Luck !Pa uses 2 now – Ma has never placed a finger on one….And probably never will.My bro only started using one a couple of years ago – Jack knows more than him I think !LOLTCCx

  4. I know the feeling! My mum has decided to get an msn account so she can "talk" to me in spain! She has only just learnt how to text! Good luck anyway.. I am sure they will do fine with such an expert teacher as yourself xx

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    It\’s giving me pmt just thinking about that LOL Everytime I hear \’Nic, will you just come help me with this mobile (this is my dad) It\’s like I want to run off and join the foreign legion! It took me six months just to teach him how to switch it on and to answer it!! Let alone find a number to ring! God, it\’s like the over fifties have (okay MOST over 50\’s) no head at all for technology….and helping them to set up the video in conjunction with the TV arggghhhh what a complete nightmare! : ))Seems like you\’ve got a lot more patience than me! : )Yours understandingly Ima P C

  6. giggles-you\’re parents are young compared to mine-You should see me trying to show my 77 year old mother how to operate her tv! I stay away from the computer with her! I\’d get far too frustrated!tisses from the other side of the pond-and side noteHow odd you\’re not allowed to leave comments over yonder. I have it set to. MMMMI\’ll go and check again!Toodles love!

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