I can only apologise but today Im in the mood for…


15 Responses to “I can only apologise but today Im in the mood for…”

  1. Nowt wrong with pure talent kiddahe he

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Lol, I love this song…I think YOU ARE amazing Daffy! : ) xxx

  3. hey hun been trying to visit for ages hope youre ok!wheres your fecking guestbook hun xs

  4. Oooooh. Like this. I agree with El Chrissy, nowt like having a bit of talent. Its just a shame that due to other \’activities\’ people tend to forget what GM does best. I adore different corner.Hope you are well chick.Love n hugsFluffxxx

  5. OMG!!!!! WHO KNEW????? Daffy……the original rocker……..has a penchant for slushy songs that involve lots of lyrics taken from other slushy songs, changed around a bit and rehashed as an infinite number of slushy songs sung by a slushy songster with a penchant for playing dress up, dogging and hanging out in men\’s toilets………WHO KNEW!!!!From someone too embarassed to admit their identity because they listened to more than 5 seconds of slush xx

  6. DAMN!!!! must remember to privatise my identity before responding to blogs about slushy stuff!!Hugs xx

  7. DAMN!!!! DAMN!!!! Just validated my identity by forgetting to hide it AGAIN!!!!

  8. OK…..you got me…….I\’m bored and have nothing more constructive to do than hamg out here and take the p*ss **snigger**I have to admit tho……ya did kinda shock me with that entry ya know ;o)xx

  9. Trash says…….. I expected more **shakes head sadly** especially having seen ya dance with the drunken welsh bloke……. tut tut

  10. Ohhh deary me. Can only hope a few voddys make you feel better pmsl.Bright Blessings xxx

  11. Now…. something\’s not right here. What could it be?… eeerrmmmmm, no, can\’t quite put my finger on it.Leave it with me, it\’ll come eventually.Hope you\’re okay, Daf. Have a good Sunday.Love & Laughter,Stevexxx

  12. Oh, I\’ve got it now…. GEORGE MICHAEL??? Are you barmy??? Still…. nice toon.L&L,Stevexxx

  13. Damn you DUCK!!! I can\’t get this tune outta my head now……..lalalah, lalalah, lalalalalah, lalalahAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

  14. LOL! I had no idea lil Georgey boy was still singing!!!WOW his Gaynes has really come out of the closet now since the 80\’s?!?!Loves ya!

  15. Hola! Glad you like the house. Dunno about the spanish lady, she seemed very nice but I couldn\’t understand a work she spoke! She might just live under the bed or something.. No worries about plane as we are not going by plane, but by car and Eurotrain.. cos Libbydog is afraid of flying. Just saw ur halloween photos.. I really like your outfit! :o) S x

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