So ok maybe a bit serious but……..

seriously…. Why dont people just ask for help when they need it???? Tonight there was this whole thing I didnt find out about til I left,  and Ive just sent a message to someone saying why didnt you fuckin tell me cos you know I woulda helped.
Its never idle….
I should probably shut up now cos its kinda annoyed me.   I hate bullying.  In any form.
I shall leave you with a monday night song.

5 Responses to “So ok maybe a bit serious but……..”

  1. Hey hun sounds like your feathers have been ruffled,hope all is well have a great week hugs m xs

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    I know what it\’s like to be on the recieving end of bullying…and no, I don\’t think it\’s big or clever. Bullies are usuallysuffering from low self-esteem themselves and do it to make themselves feel better. Or, just more important. And it\’s usually out of boredom and because they simply can, and get away with it. I could never be bullied again because life\’s made me a fighting b*tch, but I would definitely help anyone who was being I can understand why you were so deflated and annoyed that you weren\’t informed.I hope this stops asap. I tmust stop too, people can commit suicide when bullying happens (it\’s not just for the young!) X Cool song!

  3. Ahhhhh Dafster!! I love it when you write cryptic blogs…….it gets all me nosey hormones pumping iron which could be useful in a case of bullying. Firstly, because I am totally nosey I make a REALLY good listener and can offer a shoulder to cry on and secondly, when I unleash me prize fighting hormones everyone…..and I mean EVERYONE……should run for cover cuz I can tell ya, it ain\’t gonna be pretty!!Hugs Tootsie xxp.s. we\’ve covered this topic before ain\’t we and ya just know that I\’m the last person to stand bullying………..LET ME AT \’EM!!!!

  4. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    Daffy. I Need Help.How do I get my privacy back on my own PC ?How do I start blogging again without somebody stopping me by saying I talk shit?How do I write to friends without being judged on it as intended to the person who I havent even written it to.How after 2 years .. do i be allowed to get on with my life?I am Sorry.. because Ive really missed writting to All of you.x

  5. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    Ive seriously had enough

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