Now for the news….


3 Responses to “Now for the news….”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Thank God, it\’s not just me who\’s ever found it scary, then?! PhewwwAnd thinking about it: Moira Stewerts make-up alway\’s been slightly matt lookin\’ too. Which has been a bit creepy, like she\’s dead, and they sort of stuck some make-up on her and got a piece of string to open and closeher mouth so she \’looks\’ like she\’s reading the news, but actually isn\’t : SWhat a crazeee world : )Regards, T. McDonald XxxxxxX

  2. Gotta lurrrrv that man lmfao. Dragonboy took us to see him and he really made me laff………but not as much as Russell Howard. Having said that RH is very goodat being silly (as well as being quite politically opinionated) and silly is right up my street……I mean…….it\’s what I doooooooooo ;opHugs Tootsie xx

  3. Got the tickets for the new tour last week.I prefer the BBC along with Kraftwerk.LOLSeriously funny (not serious comedians) always have my vote.Intellect helps to.That damn weekend is fast approaching again (where do the hours go ?)I might do a quiz if anyone can be arsed ?Ah well – days of yorTC SausCx

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