Is it Friday yet?

So anyway theres this internet news site thing that only ever posts good news.  Which is kinda nice if what your seeing on the TV is depressing the shit out of you.  The only problem is I think the readers may be a little on the over sensitive side.
In a recent poll of readers,  when asked if the survivial of the passengers on the plane that crashed into the Hudson river was good enough news to be on the site,  only 72% said yes.
Apparantly the other 28% needed the plane to be carried softly onto a fluffy pillow by a flock of doves.

If this dont give you a good Friday vibe then I dunno what will!



7 Responses to “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. But everyone lived and the guy was a hero and stuff! I think you\’re right if they don\’t think thats good news :S xx

  2. But maybe the 28% were indifferent and that option to vote wasn\’t available ?LOLAnyhoo – Yes…. It IS Friday (again).I\’ve no idea where the days goHave a delightful weekend kiddaTCCx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Lionel Ritchie is awesome! Good choice, Daffy This news channel seems a sweet idea, but It\’s sort of a bit biased, really,…mainly for people who like to bury their headin the sand, I feel. But whatever turns people on I say! : ) Have a great weekend, but I can\’t get too excited about Friday as everyday is just another day to me. Probably\’cause my working week is all over the shop and not the fixed 9-5 thing.. Oh, well.happy Friday!!! hugs and kissesnicolaxxx

  4. I wasn\’t biting her tongue it\’s just coincidence and perspective. I didnt know ther was cutlery with my name on it, did i ever use it? I don\’t recall. Yeah exam stress is over, still got an assignment to do but I\’ve got a reading week so i intend on eating sleeping and milling around doing some work, and also waiting for a phonecall to say whether starbucks want me for an interview :S xxxx

  5. Hahahahahhaaaaaa!!!T xOooooh Taz is gonna work at Starbucks?? Fantastic… tall caramel mocha chocha decaf skinny latte with an extra shot for the duck. Double oooooh……you HAVE to try the Belgian chocolate cornflake cake……Chow!!

  6. Lmao… I live the fluffy pillow idea… Mmmmm pillows. Is it bedtime yet??Love n hugsFluffxxx

  7. Hey hun lol,i have fluffy pillow under head as we speak!as for tame bloggies na hes more filthy minded and mouthed than us all put together lmao,havnt got a clue where he gets its from teehee,maybe hes been reading you,have a great day hugs m xs

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