Monday waffle.

So its the Chinese New year.   Year of the Ox apparently,  and I was watching this little news snippet of one of the celebrations they had. ( ).  Their ways are not our ways.  I laughed so much at the pandas on exercise balls I had to steal a pic.

I have entitled this picture  ‘Panda viagra causes chaos in gym’


6 Responses to “Monday waffle.”

  1. pmsl, Norman came home today announcing he\’s a snake. I\’m sure he\’ll have a few girlfriends that will agree with him at some point pmsl. I\’m just a cheeky monkey me hehehe.Bright Blessings xxx

  2. hahah i was not expecting that! that was amusing xx

  3. ahh, and in response to you message, he\’s a red squirrel named Cheewoo ^^ thougth he was dead cute 😛 xx

  4. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    Daffy, I cant locate my private messages, because all my too many email addresses (which I dont know how to close- have they logically made that a new feature yet?)-… get forwarded to just one of my accounts. *the account i have with the word -sense- written in it* are u with me in understanding the way i have explained that ? lmaoBasically, it just means, I cant find your message, I only get a notification that there Is one.I guess there must be a way tho, being as msn is so great :Danyway, youve no need to worry.. but thanks for thinking on me.Hugs and kisses.Carol 🙂

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    "Their ways are not our ways" Are you kiddin\’ me? I do that with a ball every night! : )))) Happy Wednesday, Daffy… you know I do have a drink on Saturday night, but it\’s nothin\’ special because I have one every night! : P Apparently I\’m a snake, what are you? I\’m guessing a monkey xxx

  6. Yep my mother would bat me round the lughole too if she caught me swearing, mind I dread to think what she\’d do if she copped me with a J cos she\’s proper anti drugs, mind I bet she\’s probably tried most things me being a child of the 60\’s pmsl and her being an unwed mum lmao.Bright Blessings xxx

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