Still reeling…..

from the news this week on kebabs.  Which are apparently high in fat and salt (like duuuuuuurr).  Shockingly it was also found that some lamb kebabs had traces of beef and pork.  I dunno if this was supposed to shock me but it actually came as something of a relief.  Cos I have always wondered what was in that stuff (although its never actually stopped me eating em).  Personally Id decided it was mostly alsation,  saw dust and horse hair,  so this was welcome news indeed. 
Currently feeling more chipper than a person has a right to,  so if your a bit depressed its probably my fault cos Im sucking up all the good vibes like an happy vampire who hasnt had a smiley blood sausage for a week.  I dont even know where that came from and can only apologise.
Right Im off cos Im off down to the fabulous Emz to drink lots of vodka and generally behave badly.
Leave you with my growling daughter which I played with on photoshop (which I love love love) and think came out rather well.


12 Responses to “Still reeling…..”

  1. Ohhh a good night out isn\’t one without a kebab is it. I had one the other night when I was out on the pop, was lovely too (f**k the diet) no chilli though for me, got garlic on instead, yum! Have a fab night out chick.Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Oh, chipper is good. It\’s how the whole world should be. Like it says in that song… "I am a firestarter. A twisted firesta….." no, hang on….. wrong song. Oh yeah, "When you\’re smiling. When you\’re smiling. The whole world smiles with you."If you want more mutton in your kabab, just let me know, cos my RAM has just about had it.(and yes, I do realise that sentence started of sounding a helluva lot ruder than it was meant to)Keep smiling Daf.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  3. Smiley Blood Sausage ???(Weirdo)he heErrm… add Paper (yes – Paper !), Suet, Barley, Mangled Chicken carcass, General offal and Gristle and sometimes some Lamb !Mmmmm…. Nice !They\’re NOT supposed to contain Pork due to the religious beliefs of Moslems.EnjoyLOLCx

  4. DragonBoy Says:

    Bonjella Daffo… How the hell does that happen???!!!… Kebabs in not healthy shock!!!!! Well Kebizzle my fizzle… Don\’t believe everything you read in the news though. There are too many people with vested interests and y-fronted bias. They\’ve been trying to give kebabs a bad name for ages… ever since the fishnchip wars of \’46 when a lot of people got battered on the streets of small towns and villages. Brother rose arms against brother and those that didn\’t have brothers felt left out and got all angsty and so rose arms against other people\’s brothers (which caused the real brothers to then raise arms against them which started to defeat the object of brother raising arms against brother cos they ended up making up and raising arms against this non-brother that had decided to take it in to his own hands to barge in where he wasn\’t wanted… AND THEN!!!!! when people started taking things into their own hands, well then things really got stupid cos people were saying… I thought this was all about arms but look at them over there… they\’re using hands… i didn\’t know you could use hands… if i\’d have known that i wouldn\’t have gone out and spent money on arms… what\’s going on????) and if they didn\’t know anyone with brothers they rose arms against anyone they could find and things then just got out of hand and it all ended in tears. This is what happens when you don\’t have organised chaos. People just start running around doing their own thing…Then sisters got involved and there was pulling of hair and things REALLY turned nasty…Fortunately, just as it appeared there was no end in site, no agreement could be brokered and fatty food would be strewn across these fair isles… all the mom\’s came out and called everyone in for tea and peace once more fell upon this green and pleasant land… but they were terrifying times. Harrowing…Ever since then, kebabs have found a fragile position in the post pub menu of the pie-eyed connoisseur… whenever one is ordered, the sweaty over-cooked sausage, the withered 3 day old steak and kidney pie and the bloated fishcake cast envious, hate-filled glances in it\’s general direction… an under-current of rage hangs in the grease-tainted air of the local chippy and one day, the traditional basin of mushy peas shall lead a revolt against this foreign invader…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!You can take my roast chicken but you\’ll never take my SAVELOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let this be a warning to you… Apart from that… how ya doing? ***Forgetful Friday Hugs***DB xxx

  5. Cold blooded, Quakers

  6. Hi Daf! Sorry for my late reply to a comment you made on my blog just before Christmas. I\’ve been busy, ill and just generaly put off by the new WLS\’s "improvments" – if you could call them that! 😛 lol. But I agree with you, only a handful of people on the teamblog liked the improments and the WLS\’s team STILL think it\’s a resounding success! So I\’m with you, I\’d say they are defanately deluded! haha. And thanks for the kudos on the logolol, it made me laugh as I was maing it, WLSs can have it for free if they like, I don\’t mind! lol.You\’re daughter looks like a mean "emo", is that possible? lol. Hahaha Hope you and yours are well! Take care – Phil xxx

  7. It\’s a baby hedgehog miranda photoshopped in for me, I put it on a piece of flair cause I thought it was funny. Havn\’t been called emo in a while now, not sure how to take it hehxx

  8. Hey madame Daffy, soz….that edith piafesque advert just cam on the telly as I started typng and made me go all french-like……MON DIEU!!! Anyway, was reading through the comments below and was suprised at the unusually concise length of DB\’s. Think I\’d better pop over there and make sure he\’s feeling ok ;oP Hope that you\’re having a great weekend.Hugs Tootsie xx

  9. Cheers !If only you knewhe he(I need a drink – any spare Voddie over here ?)Cx

  10. I\’ll be up in about 4 hours – Diet coke if you have anylol

  11. No it beats me why folk don\’t talk to each other about things, we can\’t all be the same but most of us do understand once we get the relevent information lmao. Me and Michael talk about anything and everything and I hope that never changes lol. Ohhh is there a party round yours????? Have you got all that JD left still???? I\’ll be round in 5 lmao, ok if I come in me jamas????Hope you\’re having a good un!(((BIG HUGS))) and bright blessings xxx

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