So yeah…..



Mondayed in so no Snow night frolicks.  Piss of a bitter to be honest.  God Im so suggestable.  Yes rly.  An earlier mention of wine and I just had to have some.    Then I thought Id follow that up with a nice glass of wine.
Are you following me?  Probably not cos Id hear the snow scrunching…….
So lets see.  The reason for this particular blog….  Dont really have one apart from I have half an hour to kill. 
So Ill leave you with this thought.


3 Responses to “So yeah…..”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    *scrunch scrunch scrunch scrunch*Hello little snow bunny. Thanks for the "where are you" comment you left me .. Well, atleast someone misses me! sheeshOh, crap, I have to write this really fast before you bugger off into the real world with your bottle of wine and Doritos.Quick, quick, thinks of summut to write… wellllll, ummm, I laughed out very loudly at your blog! : ))))) ohhh and Ps before I forget (not that I would forget, ever after that incident at playgroup!)….. I\’m a Coulrophobiaist!!!)hate \’em : SNighty nite xxxxxxx X <- that\’s for missing me ❤

  2. You had DORITOS?? You shudda said cuz I\’ve got salsa…..yummy!! Well I had to use red wine in a recipe this evening so it seemed only right to sample it first ;o) As it was, having opened the bottle and sampled the wine, it turned out that there was just enuff wine, for the recipe, at the very bottom of the bottle……took me a while to get to it so dinner was quite late tonight…….. lmfaoHugs to you and yours Tootsie xx

  3. LMAO chica!You slay me!**cheers**even though my liver is pissed- I\’m having a brewskie!

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