Did you know

that when your completely pissed yoga and balance are completely out of the question.  My crane is more of a manic wobble.
Night folkies xxx

6 Responses to “Did you know”

  1. wobble wobbling with ya hun!

  2. OopsLOL

  3. I have a mental image of you trying to balance in the living room now, also yeah the party was good but i\’ll tell you more about it when i see you, still gobsmacked at that meal though, pub meal woudlnt have cost that, or me makign sunday dinner myself! For goodness sakes its the first place I\’ve ever been to that\’s asked if they can take my coat… I turned round and gave her a very puzzled look and thought… take my coat where? then relised and she asked if id rather just put it on the back of my chair cause i\’d not said anything and i said yes, and put it on the back of my chair. seriously! a cooked chicken\’s less than £4 and its the most expensive part! bah I\’ll stop ranting. for now. ;Pxxxx

  4. Hiya Daf,I want to start doing Yoga … xxxx

  5. **snigger**

  6. Oh Id really do some damage if I tried ANYTHING whilst pissed… And not ust to myself either!! :-Olove n hugsXXX

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