Catchy Tunes dont ya just hate em…


7 Responses to “Catchy Tunes dont ya just hate em…”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    PMSL at \’Haunting me like the Ghost of Shitmas past oh my god, oh my god… that\’s a f*cking classic. I have to remember that one!! : )Ummm I want to remake a song what one can I do… *thinks* xxx

  2. LOL(she\’s a reight barrel of laughs below ain\’t she ?(he he)

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    ahem, I read that Christopher, LOL ok, just made this up it\’s in tune to \’she\’s the one\’ by robbie williamsthere was snow, in one gowill it stay?will it go?If there\’s some weather, that make\’s me go….it is snowIt was whiteday and night.It laid still on a hill.If there\’s some weather – that makes me go \’oh no\’it is snowIt\’s not nice.Feet like ice.Makes me skidHey, watch that kid!ChorusIf there\’s some weather that makes me go \’oh\’it is snowyeah it is snowww if there\’s some weather that i wish that would gooooooyeah it is snow! By Nicola Williams (I wish) for Daffy and that geezer below : )

  4. OMG that was brilliant. I love parodies and that one was superb. I tried to find the parody of Savage Garden\’s hit Affirmation….. I remember it being really funny but no sign of it on you Tube so I\’ll have to go look on itunes. I\’ve got the bug now……see what you\’ve done??Hugs Tootsie xx

  5. Oh…..and the band that recorded the parody was called Cabbage Garden pmslT x

  6. hah! that was funny although it made me feel sad because at one point i could sing along to one week… :S x

  7. Hey Daf, thanks for the good luck wishes…….I\’m just about to send Sparky down to the sorting office to get tomorrow\’s post so I should know the results shortly……..I hope ;os Man, I\’ve been soooo stressy today……..and school was closed so I couldn\’t even check with them that they were still going to send out the results today GGRRRRRRrrrrrr!!Anyhoodles, PLEASE be careful when walking with everything crossed. It\’s icy out there and you\’re not insured for third party accidental injury caused by frightening the life outta people with your cross legged, cross eyed stumbling. Hang on! Scratch that! Isn\’t that how you usually get back from the pub anyway? Oh well in that case local residents should be well used to it………pmslHugs and thanks again for the kind wordy wordsTootsie xx

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