Aw how lovely is everyone on here?  Although I do feel like I should try and keep my rants off spaces :O)  Please accept my apple-ogies…..

3 Responses to “Apple-ogies”

  1. Yoooooo hoo Daf,Tardis .. me too I\’m afraid .., I was kinda thinking that moving would make me clear out 20 years of clutter .. but I haven\’t got round to doing it yet .. I\’m far too occupied keeping warm..My doctor had a course of Pilates lined up for me to "strengthen my core" .. unfortunately it was @ the same time as my mother became ill and I couldn\’t go.. I am going to go back to the doctor\’s \’tho and hope that they\’ll give me another chance..I saw your blog re gossip .. remember Daf … ppl gossip … because they don\’t like your independence .. they\’re just trying to throw negativity into the mix .. because their lives are out of control .. so more power to you and please don\’t let it get you down ..I know it\’s v. easy to say and not so easy to do … mainly because it\’s infuriating… and when you don\’t behave like that yourself you don\’t realise that other ppl can…Lots of love, hugs and support from Sarah XXXXX

  2. Sod \’em !!!LOL

  3. Hey hun if you wana go on a hissyfit rampage then go ahead we all have at some point!take care and have a great weekend hugs m xs

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