Gossip – somebody stop me…..

So Ive just heard the most appalling piece of lying gossip about me.  And it only confirms my belief that some people are so twisted they need to be forced to watched clowns and live on spinach for the rest of their days. Get a life you sad half wits (incidentally this was a real life thing and in no way intended to offend my bloggy chums). Oh and if you really feel like it – just bring it cos I will fuck you over.  Carry on…..
I shall leave the gossip mongers with this thought….

9 Responses to “Gossip – somebody stop me…..”

  1. You ok hun ive not heard you this ruffled in ages,me tickle you under beak to make you smile hugs m xs

  2. LOL…..and…..Breathe

  3. Hey Daf, hope you\’re okay. There\’s few things worse than gossip, and one of those things is lying gossip, or gossipy lies even.I do wish you hadn\’t said "fuck youover" and "Carry On" so close together, cos now I\’ve got weird mental images of Hattie Jacques……Much love & laughter to you,Stevexxx

  4. I\’ve got a good left hook?Need me to come and pull out a can of whoop ass?I\’d be glad to defend my Punzy poo!!!hugs darling!MUAH!Shupe

  5. Lamo… Sorry I shouldn\’t laugh but you are Sooooooo like me. How I didnt do a blog yesterday that just said \’F**king f**k off\’ I dont know. Oh sweetie. I hope you are feeling better today. xxx

  6. Christ… I can\’t even spell \’lmao\’ today!!!!

  7. Oh lordy that tune makes me feel ancient pmsl. Doesn\’t gossip make you laugh, people do it to me and when they do I just take the p**s.Bright Blessings xxx

  8. Gossip!! Now you know how much I hate gossip ;o( I mean you\’ll never catch me mentioning that a certain blogger has webbed feet and is rather partial to a bit of music by a certain singer of Greek descent………. I KNOW!! I\’d never have guessed it either but she told me herself last week. I\’m telling you, I was SHOCKED!!…….Anyhoodles, can\’t stop cuz I\’ve just gotta spread the word but if you need some support hun then I\’m right behind you with a bottle of Newkie B and I\’ll happily hold ya coat ;o)Huggles Tootsie xx

  9. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    okay okay! but I HAVE beeeen trying to get a Life!sniggers~:Ddelighted with the apple-ogiees. :)I used to love Blackadder years ago, think i know most of them word for word. heh heh.IIIIIIIITS Beeeeen. Great song. one of the few catchy tunes I never got bored of.but I did used to be bored of the rest of the song, whilst waiting for the chorus.It reminds me of walking home from work, with my headphones on.ahh they were the days.Anyway, Who IS upsetting you? and more to the point, why are u letting them? Do they even deserve a mention?I Think you know yourself well enough to not let other peoples wrong judgement get to you.Be thankful you dont live with their perception of reality. heh heh Hugs xCan u send them over to me please, because I am bored.It may take me about 3 weeks to grow the spinach . So i\’ll have a look in tescos yeh :)Love Mazi x

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