Oh and for anyone that fancies joining me in some drunken yoga later (I only try the first one when Im reeeeeeeeeally drunk) …




8 Responses to “Yikes.”

  1. …and that second crane isn\’t as easy as it looks either. Keeping it horizontal is hard enough…. without attaching a load to it.Enjoy your yoga. The bruises will heal.L&L,Stevexxx

  2. Frasier ?Niles ?Martin ?(There\’s 3 more for you)

  3. Be kind to your web footed friends…. Just came along to see how you\’re doing. Hey, how did you get around the title thing~ I thought you had to post one. Hurumph ! Actually, the crane isn\’t yoga. Didn\’t you see Karate Kid? Well, at any rate watch out for that kick on the last one. Can can dancers didn\’t get that name for nothing ! Have a great WE ! The Castle Lady ; )

  4. Heeheee!! I\’m loving your new Daffy pic ;o) So what\’s all this about yoga then? I thought he was a rather short fellow that spoke his words in a rather odd fashion. I didn\’t know a piece of industrial machinery he was!!Geez my comments get cornier……or is that a part of the anatomy? budda bum tshhhhhh!!!Giggly, I\’m up too late again, hugs Tootsie xx

  5. Hiya Daf, thanks for dropping by. I can\’t remember if you came back a thrid or a second time or if I\’ve wrote you this reply before! @_@ I\’m losing it! haha Anyway, you can swing my blog any time for a chat, comment or a just a read of the blogs. Thanks for reading some of them btw!Yoga? Nah, not for me, all that sitting in one place and trying to relax doesn\’t appeal to me at all. I usualy do wights and treadmill but today I aint done owt! I\’ll have to get toit soon! :)Anyway, take care and have a good day! :)- Phil

  6. Multitasker are you? Oh!! HTF did I finish up in the miggle of HRHs comment box? I got my broadband back yesterday so I\’m wandering about randomly making as many comments as possible before it breaks down. I don\’t understand Spaces and associated profiles and home etc any more and I\’ve actually spent the last 16 hours trying to escape frm your Space after sending you the message yesterday. (much later). Pooh, I\’ve been stuck in the Comment Box for several hours now, better move on before the cold of night affects my blogging finger. See thee later.

  7. Planet Nicola Says:

    I can see your pants… I can see your pa..antttss…I can see your pa an t Ok, I\’ll stop it now : ) Oh I did cry at the end of Karate kid when Danial San (is it san, sun or son…? wtf! ummm) when he fought off the baddy, because Mr Miyake told him \’Do the crane, Daniel, Do the crane and all will be ok\’Of course, off set Daniel thought My Miyake meantthe bird. F%^k me, you ought to have seen the feathers! Luckily though, that was an outtake… The crane would have been ok if he\’d havegot himself some frilly knickers like your kinky -good- self but alas : ( Anyhoos going to do \’The Peacock\’ now – and that\’s not yoga…that\’s for tea with a nice drop of chiantiCiao for now <3xxxxxx

  8. Damn Funny Blog Babes…..lol Wish you had a guest book. =)Happy Valentines =)

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