Currently poorly bad so apologies for not being about lately.  Will do a catch up soon,  but today being Valentines I thought I would drag my sorry butt to the puter.
I know the original point of Valentine’s was that whole clandestine wedding thing,  so technically it’s about young unmarried couples,  but I kinda like to think it’s about love.  Not the candy coated red hearts you get on cards,  although thats doesnt sound right cos they’d get really sticky if they got rained on in the post, but the real thing.  I think it would be fab (and yeah I know Im a complete hippy at heart) if today was a celebration of just that – not just a couples thing but family, friends dogs cats and any other furry friend you may happen to have (which sounds much wronger than i meant it to)…. although now I sound like im discriminating against the bald which im not,  but i digress (massive surprise there).
To the point. 
 I hope that today absolutely everyone is feeling some love from somewhere.

5 Responses to “Valentine’s”

  1. OOoooooh I\’ve got loadsa furry things at my house at the mo\’. There\’s the guinea pig, the dog………….Dragonboy!!! lmfaoGet better soon luvvy.Hugs Toots xx

  2. I\’ve never and will never have any intimate relationship with any furry animals (bald or not) and the extra large roll of sellotape is merely for packaging purposes.he heHave a lovely weekend SausCx

  3. Firstly, I hope you feel better real soon.Thirdly, I hope you\’re having a lovely St Valentine\’s Day. Love IS a many splendoured thing, and should be celebrated everyday, not just today. My postman delivered loads of St Valentine\’s Day cards today, just not here… 😦 ….but that\’s a good thing, cos I wouldn\’t respect anyone who wasted money on sending cardboard just to express their feelings…… and I\’m sticking to that story.Much Love & Lemsip to you,Stevexxx

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yeah, amen! Bless all of God\’s small and furry things! Without them life wouldn\’t be any fun! : P Just for the record, a small valentine\’s poem to a "fluffy" duck -Roses are red Periods are tooI hope you get better soon There\’s nowt worse than the flu!(?)I had no cards for ValentinesI must be runnin\’ out of luckTryin\’ not to think of words that are filthySo I\’ll say -Have a lovely day…. Daffy Duck! xxxPS oh and one for me (while i\’m in the rhyming kind of mood)When I found out my mail box was empty I reached for the bottle of vinoI hate guys with small dicks and are senselessand specially guys that you could call a \’meano!\’When there\’s nothin\’ else that quite says, \’I hate you\’Than a text sent on the 15th \’round \’bout 12:30from a tw@t who\’s thoughts aren\’t about love… they are about something quite different…they\’re dirty!!Oh my life is: one single long mission..To find a good man who puts toiletseats down and who doth love me.But seems like i\’ll have to do with fluffy animals And find a bed-sit near miserable ol\’ Grimbsy!!: ))) Get better soon!! XXX

  5. It occoured to me how many people really hate valantines day, and i was saying somehting along those lines the other day. People dispise how tacky it can be but rather than just make it what\’s special to them they just reject it :S in japan all teh girls give each other chocolates, i think thats cool hehe xx

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