Mardi Grrrrrr.

It would seem last night when I got in I thought it was appropriate to leave some very silly comments,  for which I can only blame the beer and move swiftly along.  Had two birthday parties to go to,  and have to be honest wasnt that up for it before I went,  but as often happens ended up being a brilliant night.  First one was a mates 40th and his band was playing,  and they turned out to be pretty good.  Sadly got sat with someone I was at school with who was boring me rigid talking about insurance (WTF?)
So anyway headed off from that one to an 18th.  Theme was 80s rock,  and the resident DJ played a couple of WASP tracks for me so I was happy as a pig in swill.  Was leaping about bare foot when it occurred to me that the empty buffet tables would make an excellent place to dance.  Grabbed the birthday girl and dragged her up with me and before you could say ‘drunks have impaired judgement’  half the room was dancing on em.

As that ground to a halt,  my mate convinced me that it was a really good idea for us to head up to Chicago Rock,  which I have to be honest I loathe on a Friday cos its just a total meat market.  When we got in, they were having a Mardi Gras night (yeah….. that works so well in the frozen north).  Got to the bar and everyones wearing all these bead necklaces and one of my mates says she wants one.  So I says to the barman ‘How do we get a necklace?’ and he says ‘show us ya t*ts’.  Charmed Im sure young man.  So anyway I politely declined and Im standing waiting for my drinks,  when I noticed them giving some to some blokes further along the bar.  So when the barman comes back I says ‘So how did they get them’ and he says ‘Oh men can buy them’  Which I have to say was the wrong answer. So I said rather crossly ‘So what your telling me is Chicago Rocks policy is,  men can buy them but women have to get their t*ts out?’  At which point he very obviously thought oooooooh shit,  this woman is about to kick off and not half as drunk as I suspected.  So he says ‘here you can just have one’.  I said ‘My friend wants one too,  so does my other friend’ At which point he said I was pushing my luck but gave me them anyway.  Little bit later my mate went to the bar and says ‘We want red ones too’ and he just gave her them.  Guess we’re more bother than we’re worth……

And finally…

Something Ive been meaning to blog for about a week.  While I was flu ridden I got the most gorgeous bunch of flowers off the lovely Tootski as a belated birthday present.  They were just what I needed to cheer me up and I took a little pic of them to show ya. Quality isnt brilliant cos I took it on me phone,  but you get the idea.


How lush were they?


7 Responses to “Mardi Grrrrrr.”

  1. Ffs wheres my inappropriate matterial then lmao glad you caused havoc hugs m xs

  2. That\’s an outrageous policy on Mardi Gras beads. To think that some women not only celebrate Tuesdays on a Friday, but that they get em out for a bit of shoddy jewellry. The term "Tit for Tat" springs to mind for some reason.Now, where can I get me a lorry load of bead garlands before next weekend?Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  3. HAHAHAHA madigras may work with mental american teens on spring break but we\’re mental in a \’give me the beads or I\’ll do you in\’. Thinkign about gettign my nose done, what do ya think? x

  4. I\’m so pleased that the flowers were pretty and that you\’re well enough to dance on tables again. Honestly, the world just isn;t the same when you\’re poorly.Hugs Tootsie xx

  5. Ha Ha !There used to be a late night prog years ago with women beig persuaded to get \’em out for the lads during Mardi Gras. You\’d never catch me encouraging that sort of behaviour.he heAt least you were bolloxed and enjoyed yourself oh weird one.Have a smashing weekend SausCx

  6. HAHAHA great blog babes……I always knew when my sister reached the peak of her drunkin high when she would start dancing on the tables…lolI miss those days.Wanna party with ya….=)

  7. Emma Louise Says:

    Haha, I went out last night for my mums birthday and me and her ended up fighting in the club with a chav 😀 fun times!!! Im gonna blog it all up later cos the scenario is hilarious! xxx

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